Thursday, April 17, 2008

Zachary Finnegan

(peeps post #6)

Zack is my nephew. He is one of the funniest, smartest kids you will meet. He is my favorite little kid to photograph because he will usually pose and he is so freakin adorable that you can't help but take a million pictures. Case in point...

We went to Disneyland together recently, when we would get bored standing in line, I would say okay Zack, be angry, now be surprised, be happy, you get the point. Bob made fun of me because I had a million pictures saved in the camera from that trip.

Zack makes me happy. I crave him. (as I do with all of my nieces and nephews) He has such a fun personality. The other day I called his house and he answered by saying "Hello, who is this?" after talking to him for a short while I asked if he could take the phone to his mom so I could talk to her. He told me that he couldn't because it was attached to the wall (like I was an idiot for not knowing that already) Then he said "okay bye Aunt Caity" (right before he hung up on me his Dad snatched the phone from him). He is such a character and I love it. In Disneyland Zack would get so tired from walking that we would stop, lay on the ground (no matter where we were) and throw his arms and legs out and say he wasn't going to walk another step.

Zack is my little buddy, I wish he would come and live with me. I would take him to work and let him answer all of my phone calls. He would be better at dealing with all of my crazy customers.

I love you Zack! (Finn)

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Kim said...

Not sure how he could live with you when HE would be living with ME!!!!!