Friday, October 21, 2011

Our Epic Adventure {Day Two}

Day two was a long one. We started out at the crack of dawn. (And as you can see below, looked awesome that early in the morning.)

We got to the beginning of the trail and loaded our packs on our backs, visited the porta-potties, (since it would be a while since we saw another one) and I downed as much Diet Coke as I could before I had to say goodbye to my precious caffeine. (My name is Caitlin, and I'm an addict.) I'm not proud to say that I contemplated putting Diet Coke in my camel back instead of water.

We set out on our very long, very pretty hike.
Along the way we were kept company by a variety of animals.
The hike was long. The packs were heavy. (very heavy) So when we saw a gorgeous blue stream we kicked off our hiking shoes and jumped in. The water is amazing in Havasupai. It is otter-pop blue and really clear. Seriously gorgeous.

We finally came to the sign saying the village was close and we got excited. Unfortunately that sign was a liar. A dirty little liar. We walked and walked. We crossed bridges, we saw plenty more signs.. but the village was nowhere to be found.
Finally we stumbled upon the long dirt road into the village. I would have ran to the village store that had diet coke in it if I could have. Alas, my feet were swollen and sore, so I hobbled to it.
We rested, had lunch at their cafe. (Lunch was insanely expensive. 45 dollars for a cheeseburger, grilled cheese and Navajo taco. They helicopter everything in so I assume that is part of the reason why it's so expensive. We were so starving that I think I would have given them a kidney if they asked for it.)
We finally got a little energy, and pushed ourselves the last two miles to the campgrounds. We passed two gorgeous waterfalls along the way.
When we finally found a place to camp, we jumped in the stream running along side our campsite and bathed. Then we made our MRE's (which were not the best tasting things ever) and collapsed in our tiny tents to rest our sore bodies.
  On a side note, please feel free to mock me for the stylish knee brace. I was referred to as the "pro volleyball player" that day.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Our Epic Adventure {Day One}

About six months ago we (Bob, me, Ami, and Jon) decided we wanted to go to Havasupai. It's this amazing hike down the Grand Canyon that ends up at paradise. Otter pop blue waterfalls, amazing scenery, adventures galore.

So we booked it, and at the end of September we embarked on our adventure. Day one was mainly just driving. We stopped along the way and ate Japanese food and got yummy vegan donuts. (Who knew vegan donuts tasted just like regular?) We saw strange towns. (Santa Claus, and Hackenberry.) And drove into camp at the top of the Grand Canyon right at sunset.

We set up camp in the dark, and tried to get a little sleep before we started our hike at dawn the next day. It was freezing, and not super comfortable, but I awoke with a startling amount of energy for the hike. But more on day two tomorrow.