Sunday, October 9, 2011

Our Epic Adventure {Day One}

About six months ago we (Bob, me, Ami, and Jon) decided we wanted to go to Havasupai. It's this amazing hike down the Grand Canyon that ends up at paradise. Otter pop blue waterfalls, amazing scenery, adventures galore.

So we booked it, and at the end of September we embarked on our adventure. Day one was mainly just driving. We stopped along the way and ate Japanese food and got yummy vegan donuts. (Who knew vegan donuts tasted just like regular?) We saw strange towns. (Santa Claus, and Hackenberry.) And drove into camp at the top of the Grand Canyon right at sunset.

We set up camp in the dark, and tried to get a little sleep before we started our hike at dawn the next day. It was freezing, and not super comfortable, but I awoke with a startling amount of energy for the hike. But more on day two tomorrow.


Kim said...

Day 2?????????

Kim said...

I have to believe that you hiked Havasupai in 1 day!!!!

caitlin said...

I keep trying to post my other posts and blogger won't let me! It will only let me save them. It's maddening!