Friday, May 30, 2008


So I realized that I never congratulated my friends Alana and Deb Deb via blog world about their pregnancy! They are going to have a lil' baby girl. Who (if you have seen her parents you know) will be a knockout.

wrapping paper: Ikea
present: surprise for Alana, Deb Deb and the babe (but from a darling lil' kids shop in Sugar House to be disclosed at a later date)

Short Children? Eat here!

So Bonnie and Jon recommended this place in Seattle. It is supposed to be a really great buffet. When I looked online to see the menu, this is what I came upon...
Children(Under 12 yrs. Old)
5 feet & under 1/2 Price
4 feet & under $5.95
3 feet & under Free
5 feet & under 1/2 Price
4 feet & under $6.95
3 feet & under Free
Yes, that's right apparently they are taking the Disneyland approach and are putting height requirements on their buffets. My question is.. Do they have a YOU MUST BE THIS TALL to eat for this price marker before you walk into the ride errr... restaurant?

Dog Johnson

First name: Dog?

Last name: Johnson?

You would think, but I believe it's more of a hyphenated thing.. (Dog-Johnson Baddley)

My brother brought this home for his girls on Christmas, he called her Dog Johnson so much that it just stuck. So if you ask my two cute nieces what the name of their girl dog is. They will tell you... Dog Johnson. She really doesn't like me or any other person above the age of 10... I think it's because she is bitter about her name.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Time with the Hub Bub..

(I am including a picture of us, because I realized I hardly ever do close up pics.)

Bob and I snuck away to the park last night and played frisbee in the dark. Bob is such a great frisbee instructor. He is entirely too patient with me when I throw it (no where near him) and he has to run to get it. Had the playground all to ourselves. Sat on the swings and talked. Bob made me laugh like usual.. the little things like that make me happiest.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Okay, so I had seen Duffy on MTV a while ago and really liked what I heard. It's different and anyone who has seen my music collection knows I like all kinds. I think I'll work it into my gym mix. Give it a listen if you get a chance.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Seattle here we come!

Can't wait to hang in Seattle. We plan to eat good food, check out the underground tour, shop at Pike Street Market, and hang with our good friends and family. Let us know if you have any suggestions on tasty places to eat, places to go, interesting things to see...

long weekend fun..

Friday we met Asian Hitler

Saturday we watched the Crystal Skull and played Mario Cart on the Wii

Sunday frisbee in the park and sleepover birthday

Monday bar-b-que

Love summer.

sleep over...

This weekend I was invited for a birthday sleepover! It's been a while since I have been to one, but in good ol' sleepover fashion, we did play truth or dare, (well really just truth) stayed up talking until the wee hours of the morning and just like I remember from my youth we didn't really sleep. Which seemed like a good idea at the time, but the next day I felt remorse. The only thing missing was someone getting their bra put in the freezer and putting hands in luke warm water.

It was my aunt Kim's 40th Birthday and we stayed at the Embassy Suites downtown. We ate at the Little America (Impalo, Eduardo, Julio?), snacked on junk food prizes (courtesy of my aunt Tara), talked, found out interesting things about people (ie: all of my aunts kissed boys long before I ever did...Jimmy Chavez...Jon has zip up underwear..picture would be included but then I would have to put a PG13 rating on this post...Diana likes wine and margaritas...we all suck at math..and we all have embarrassing moments never to be divulged on a blog)

(making silly faces at dinner, all the while stuffing "free" things into Kim's purse)

(opening presents, eating, and doubling up in teeny tiny beds)

Thanks to everyone who made it fun, can't wait to hang out again soon.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Scott and Kim!

Today is my brother-in-law Scott's birthday, he is turning...
It's also my aunt Kim's birthday, who turns the big...

Happy Birthday you guys!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Sometimes I think...

..if I were a super hero, food would be my weakness. Yes, just as Kryptonite repels Superman, a cheese burger, fries, chocolate (well you get the idea) could lead to my demise if used properly..

Gotta love the Carmindy

I love Carmindy! She is fabulous. I often wish I were friends with her. For those of you who don't know her, she is from TLC's What Not To Wear (which I am ashamed to say I watch because Stacy + Clinton can sometimes = um harshness)

I have a mental list of people that I would love to meet and have as my casual friends. Carmindy is on that list. I day dream that one day I will become rich and famous, and she will be my hip makeup artist. She gives great makeup tips here.

*Others on my list include: Owen Wilson, Rivers Cuomo, Samaire Armstrong, Kevin James, Jason Segel, Conan O'Brien (not the barbarian), Brandon Flowers... okay, I better stop

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Zion's or Seattle?

Okay, so I am throwing together a pro's and con's list. Bob and my anniversary is the first week of August and we are trying to decide where to go. Here is what I have so far...

Seattle Pro's:
- We haven't ever been together. (and when I went we only stayed for a day, and I didn't even get to see Pike's Street Market
- Cheap plane tickets
- Our friends (that we haven't seen in what feels like forever) live there

- Bob's Aunt Janey & family live close by (who are so so fun to hang out with)

- Bob's sister Donna lives out there, and we haven't seen her since our open house two years ago!

- Bob's parents live three hours from there and might be able to sneak out to meet us and hang out.

Seattle Con's:

- Should we save the money we would spend there?

- Hotel prices are kind of steep in the city, and out of the city we would have to rent a car, which spells out e-x-p-e-n-s-i-v-e either way.

- The only hotel that we might be able to afford is probably haunted.

- I would have to take off more time from work than if we went to Zion's

Zion's Pro's:

- It would be a cheap and easy

- Bob has never been

- Road trips are fun and chill

- Would only have to take one day off work

Zion's Con's:

- gas prices suck

- it is going to be blasted hot there

- gets busy there, and we might have trouble finding a good place to camp

Okay, I am finished listing for right now. Any suggestions??



It's been awhile since I have picked out one of my "PEEPS" so I thought it was high time..

Meet Brenda. One of the nicest, most thoughtful and talented girls you will meet. She and I have been friends for about three or four years now. We met in a singles ward. Anyone who knows Bren knows a few things..

-That she is your most trustworthy friend (this girl will NOT say anything to anyone if you tell her not to, trust me I have tried to get things out of her!)

-She has got your back, no matter what. If you called her at 2 am and told her you needed her, she would be at your door in minutes.

-She is such an amazing chef!

We decided one day that she was going to teach me to cook better. We would get together every Sunday night after the singles ward and make dinner. Those were some of the funnest times in my life. We would cook, and have people over to eat and play games.

I don't see my Brennie as much as I would like. Did I mention this girl is a hard worker? She currently has three jobs! I don't know how she does it. Often I wish I could hop in my time machine and go back to our time together when we would stay up and laugh and talk. She gives the best advice. She is always the girl I go to when I am trying to figure out a tough situation. She knows how to make things better. And if she can't then she makes good treats that make me feel better anyway! I felt like the luckiest girl when she offered to make me this cake for my bridal shower. (my wedding cake was brown with pink dots, so she made this one to match. Just shows how thoughtful she is.)

Brenda, I love you girl. Thank you so much for being such a great friend. I know you are always there for me, and remember that even though I am married and live further away, that if you need me, I will be at your door step in minutes. I love you tons. (and miss you like crazy, let's have a girls night soon where we make bad for us food, and chat into the wee hours like old times!)

Every girl should have a Bren in their life!
(we call her Brennie, because she used to live with Bonnie, and one day I called out to them and got confused and called them Brennie and Bonda, since then it just sort of stuck)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Would You Rather...
have to sing everything you said..

(I figured this picture would be appropriate considering what day it is)

have to do the YMCA every time you talked to someone?

(yes, this picture is from our wedding, Bob is sporting the Indian hat)

Bad Burglar...

So (Lindsey, that "So" was for you, I do it too!) good news... our apartment is IMPOSSIBLE to break into. How do I know this? Well let me tell you... Bob had the car in Sandy, so I walked home (I work close) but did it occur to me to grab an extra key so I could get in to our fortress of an apartment? The answer to that would be no, no it didn't. I called Bob and explained the predicament. He told me a trick that he had done once to get into our apartment. (I won't go into detail, except to say that the trick he used didn't work) The only thing that resulted was blisters.

I even tried to go up our three story fire escape and reach a window to get in. It's important to note, that while scaling our fire escape, every neighbor could see me through their windows. Imagine me hiking up it and at every floor waving to my neighbors eating dinner. I got to the top and tried to get a window open. This was impossible because our windows do not open from the outside, and I was hanging over the fire escape trying to reach the window. (I was feeling a little Mission Impossible-ish)

I looked like a drown rat with all of the sweat, and decided to just sit out in the hall and wait for Bob to get home and save me. Don't worry, I had one of neighbors come out and stare at me for a second (probably trying to decide if I was a burglar) then laugh and tell me I could use her bathroom if I needed to. I just told her my husband was on the way and I would be fine.

What did Bob say when he got there? "Caity, why are you sitting in the hall? You should go inside". (It's a good thing I like him.)

Monday, May 19, 2008

a little more rambling...

funny lil' things that happened this weekend...

-Walked in on a lady going to the bathroom. (she didn't lock the dang door) Then when she came out she patted me and said "Oops! Didn't lock the door!" (NO KIDDING?)

-A girl flipped me off because I was staring at her (I was looking at her and thinking "hmm that's a cute outfit) Apparently she was a little self conscious.

-Bonnie and I ran into each other (literally) at our friends wedding in front of an entire table of people. (and almost spilled our food all over each other)

-Wedding antics that included hiding a certain Wendy's bag. Trying to get into the house to go to the bathroom, and having people look at us like we were trespassing. (Sam Smithson)

-Going to Barnes and Noble and seeing a very very large man dancing, sweating, and rapping all over the beautiful books.

-Watching Caleb, Jon, and Bob play Guitar Hero in creative ways (ie: with their toes, and upside down)

-Watching Bob make an air conditioned fortress, so that no heat could enter into our room. He went as far to get towels to stuff under the doors, and making me slink into the room very quickly so I wouldn't let any of his precious air conditioning out.

weekend rambling...

Friday Bonnie, Jon, Bob and I went to sushi and to our friends wedding. (Congrats Laura and Ryan!) It was a beautiful backyard wedding in Centerville (I had never realized how pretty that area is). This is a picture of of one of the cute mini cupcakes they served. The wedding had a great band, her photographer was really good, and it had yummy food to boot.

Since the weather was so nice (and slightly hot) this weekend. I had been craving Ruth's Diner. (my favorite summer place) So Diana, Sophia, and I decided to take a trip up. We enjoyed the shade outside and chatted. Well Sophia just sort of babbled to herself and got ketchup all over her cute face.

Then on Sunday Kim hosted a fabulous family birthday Fiesta. Full of yummy Mexican food, and don't forget the refried beans that I brought and tried to cook on her stove, but not the burner. (don't ask, Matthew already gave me crap about it!) It was super warm with all of the people in the house, so we ducked into the much cooler basement and played guitar hero. It was fun to see extended family that we only get to see once in a blue moon. All in all a fun weekend.

Friday, May 16, 2008

dear diary...

dear diary,

there is this cute boy that sits next to me. (lives with me)
he pulls my hair (teases me) but I know he likes me (loves me forever)
we play kissing tag sometimes (we kiss)
our friends played house tonight (got married tonight)
the cute boy played his recorder for me (asked the band to play our song)
i like him and think I will marry him one day (so glad I married him)
i like school (marriage)

good night..

Aloha from my desk...

What I'm doing...
What Eric is doing...

I hate him.

Dumb Blonde Moment

So last night Bob and I were at dinner at Litza's and I was texting on my new phone. (You might want to look at the new phone link to understand the story.) I was typing this really long message, then I looked up at Bob and said "Wow, this phone has the best predicted text I have ever seen! I haven't had to change a word yet!" That's when Bob leaned over and showed me that my new phone has a full keyboard.

Thursday, May 15, 2008


These are a few things I intend to do in the 90 degree weather we are supposed to get this weekend...

Bob hates the heat, but I can't wait. Especially after this blasted cold winter.

It's about time!

It finally happened! A plus sized girl has won ANTM. Well I guess the term is full figured. I know this probably won't change every ones minds about being anorexic, or getting liposuction. But it is a step in the right direction! I am all for being healthy. BE HEALTHY! But please, please, please don't let it overtake your mind. Try not to be obsessed with weight.

I have always struggled with this. I have always felt like I needed to change my body. To just lose a little bit more weight. It's hard not to think that way when you are assaulted by it in the media. I can't remember a time when I looked at myself in a swimsuit and thought. "Wow, I look good!" I understand that you need to look good and take care of yourself. But I am wondering if we are taking this to the extreme.

For the last couple of years I have been trying to change the way I think about my weight and my appearance. Now, while I am so so far away from being where I want to be with this. I am trying to change my focus. I am starting by doing things for me. I am putting on makeup and getting dressed cute for me. Not for anyone else. Not because I need validation. (which whether us girls admit to it or not, we seek) I have gotten a gym membership so I can lose weight the healthy way. I am not starving myself to be a size two. I am trying to be realistic with myself.

Please don't think this is me bragging in any way. Because it is not intended that way. I struggle with this very frequently. I just think that if everyone tried to not care so much about weight and appearance. We would be happier. We would be healthier. I am trying to incorporate this into my life.

I also have a very important tool to help me with this. I am extremely lucky to have Bob in my life. He motivates me, he loves me just how I am, he tells me I am beautiful even if my hair is a mess and I don't have a stitch of makeup on. He encourages me to do things that will make me happy. He helps me to not worry about what others may think about me. He helps me realize that I need to do what makes me happy. I love him. And wouldn't be who I am today without him.

I guess what I am trying to say is women are beautiful. The girl who won ANTM is gorgeous. I think we as women would think a lot more of ourselves if we accepted that not all of us are meant to be as skinny as Hollywood might tell us we should be. If we accepted that we needed to be healthy, but not so thin that our thighs don't touch. Or be constantly aware of how we look. I wish we could understand that A- life is not all about being beautiful and skinny and B- If we would start believing that we were wonderful we might just realize that we are. Just thought I would share a goal I am working on.

(Found an interesting article here)

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My "3 easy step plan" to feeling better...

When you are sick I recommend these three things:
(this was my life for the last two days)

(Who needs a doctor when you can munch on saltines and sip ginger ale with your Friends?)

*thanks to Dad who supplied me with these things for work today (well minus the Friends!)

Sweet Tooth

Made some sweet treats this weekend. They turned out super tasty. The mini cheesecakes were so simple to make, and they turned out so pretty...

Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Brownies
(Cherise it's too bad you weren't here, but at least you can see pictures!)

Mini Oreo Cheesecakes

Fun with Finn

(Been sick for the last couple of days, so I will probably post a few things today.) This weekend we had the pleasure of hanging out with Finn. He slept over a couple nights with me at my parents house for Mothers Day weekend. This is my mom wrestling him into his car seat. So I thought I would snap a picture, which my mom really appreciated, and you can see that Finn did too.

Highlights from the weekend with Finn include:
-Him singing "The age of Aquarium, do do doo do do"
-Him asking me when I was going to get pregnant, and then when I told him not for a while, him saying "Caity, you look pregnant now"
-After my mom wrestled him into his car seat she told him that it was quite the workout, and he simply stated "Well Grandma, you need a workout"
-Us in the car trying to say tongue twisters and him laughing his guts out
-Hugs out of nowhere, and him telling us that he loved us soooo much
-Pushing him in the stroller at the mall and him grabbing every piece of clothing in reach.
-Him trying on flip flops with socks on and then telling us that they fit
-Him sneaking into my bedroom to wake me up and ask me sweetly if I wanted pancakes or french toast.

He is one busy boy, but so much fun to be around!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mothers Day Weekend...

My mom and I were able to spend some time together this weekend. It was so fun to just hang out and have girl time. We shopped, we ate, we played games, we watched Juno.

Our weekend started with Goodwood pulled pork sandwiches and domino's. Then we shopped, oh how we shopped! My mom is my favorite person to shop with. She spoiled me with a new outfit (ie: new shorts, shirt, shoes, and purse!) My mom is one of the most generous people you will ever meet.

The next morning my mom made her famous pancakes (with the crispy edges, just how I love them) and cheese eggs. My mom is the best cook I know. We then finished up our shopping and I needed to take us to lunch to give her a big thank you, for being so generous and being such a great mom. So we headed over to Paradise Bakery. My mom is fun to eat with because she appreciates food just like me.

After we got back we did a Burger King run and watched Juno. The following day was Mother's Day. Mom was showered with lots of gifts. My mom is the funnest person to give gifts to. She is a raver and you always feel good after you give her things.

We finished up the weekend playing Rook and snacking. As I left, my mom gave me great advice and worried about me getting home and being safe. My mom cares a lot about me.

Thanks mom for spending Mother's Day weekend with me. I had so much fun, and feel luckier than ever to have you as my mom. I love you!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Speaking of the Bachelor...

Now that the Bachelor is coming to a close it's almost time for the Bachelorette to start. They posted who the men will be for the new show, and I couldn't help but notice that some of them looked familiar... I don't know, maybe it's just me. (okay most of them just look similar, but I think the last one is spot on)