Saturday, January 31, 2009

Friday, January 30, 2009

* Brown, Brown, Brown.. *

My three favorite brown things:

1. My bed with my brown bed spread.

It seems like I don't get to spend enough time in my bed. Like this morning, when I looked at the clock and was supposed to be jumping out of bed, I swear I heard the bed whisper ever so slightly.. "But it's cold, just stay for a while. Just turn over and go back to sleep." Let me tell you, my bed is one smooth talker.

2. Potatoes (yes, I know technically the dirt is the brown part, but work with me people.)

Delicious! They are hands down my favorite food. On Thanksgiving my family automatically passes the bowl my way. I have yet to find a recipe that included potatoes, that I don't like. Mr. Brown Potato might not be the most fashionable thing, but let me tell you.. I think he is one sexy beast.

3. Chocolate

What can be said? Chocolate is a seductress isn't she? Sure strawberry shortcake is cute. Sure banana cream pie is sassy, and who can snub a fruit tart? But chocolate. I like your style.

Whether it be in brownies, pies, cookies, cakes, candies whatever. I love it. So yesterday I made a point to eat as much of it as I could. You know strictly for this brown post. I had no choice really. It was a dirty job, but I was up for the challenge.

(Bob's aunt Nita gave us a gift card for Applebees and when Bob asked what I wanted for dessert, I laughed and said well it's brown day, so um we better go with the chocolate melt down. For the sake of the blog. He just rolled his eyes.)

Happy {Brown} Day! (thanks eric and kim for playing all week long!)

(This colorful week has been fun. I love finding ways to be creative. It was nice to notice colors in this drab weather, and it's funny how aware of colors I was this week.)

P.S. Did anyone notice the amazing moon last night? This was the view from our street. Since we didn't have a tripod handy it's a tad blurry. But what an amazing sight. This is part of the reason why I love living down town!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

* Roses are red.. *

Whenever anyone asks what my favorite color is, I tell them red. When they ask why I tell them because:

It's the color of my hair

It's the yummiest color. (when I was a kid it didn't matter what kind of candy someone offered me, I always went for the red)

Red spices up any outfit. Whether it's red shoes, red jewelry or a red bag with a red day planner.

It means Valentines Day, and my birthday. It means hearts.

But the best thing about red to me, is that it means LOVE.

Happy {Red} Day!

Thanks to Eric for participating in red day. and kim too.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

* Fun Sale *

Just had so much fun shopping @ Shade and wanted you all to share in the fun too. Not only do they have a sale on selected items for 75% off, but it's free shipping on everything until January 31st. How fun is that!? I just ordered three items for super (duper) cheap. Seriously. Some things are like 5 dollars. Love a good deal. Makes me happy and yellow? I don't know it's still yellow day.

* They call me Mellow Yellow. *

For yellow day I say we slow down..

Let's relax and just chill out..the suns shining.. (or at least it was yesterday when I took this picture.)

Let's change out of our work clothes..

And into something comfy..

Put on some good music..

Close our eyes and recharge. I didn't have any cucumbers, and those are green, so I opted for the next best thing..

Lemon candy?? It's the only yellow thing I had in the house. So for this Wednesday, I wish you a relaxing and Happy {Yellow} Day! (Eric is feeling mellow too) ( alana wrote a sweet and sour yellow post for her friend.) (and kim had her daughter all decked out in yellow)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

* It's not easy being green. *

a girl with green shoes

hopped in her white car (but since it's green day we are a little prejudiced against those white cars.)

skipped into her home and ate some green beans

because she was green with envy and wanted to be as skinny as this girl (someone should tell her to put on some clothes though)

when she was finished eating, she felt a little sick and her face turned green. So she laid in bed and made her husband entertain her with his theories on everything green.

Happy {Green} Day! (thanks to eric, alana, and kim for playing today)

Monday, January 26, 2009

* I'm Blue.. *

Friday night Bob decided he wanted to go out to eat. We looked for places we were in the mood for and since we were in Sugarhouse, we ended up at the Blue Plate Diner.

The funny thing is, I had completely forgotten that Monday was blue day until we were sitting down and I glanced at the neon blue sign. I laughed and said well this is perfect considering it's blue day on Monday. Bob just sat there confused and waited for me to fill him in. He then noticed we were even wearing blue. Me in my blue and white striped shirt and him in his blue hooded zip up. This blue stuff is pretty easy I guess, because it all happened on accident!

So for blue day I give you..

Dinner at the Blue Plate Diner (SO NOT ON PURPOSE!)

I sat across from a very handsome man with blue eyes.

And to end blue day please watch the video below(with sound). (notice the blue shoes)

I was going to have Bob video tape me doing a funny dance or something, but I kept busting up laughing. That song is the stupidest song ever. I once asked Bob what he thought was the worst song of all time. His reply? "That ridiculous blue song. The whole thing is gibberish!"

Anyway.. Happy {Blue} Monday!

Eric played along for blue day too. (click to see) so did Linda, thanks guys! (Kim did too, but she's on private)

* Happy Birthday Bonnie! *

Friday, January 23, 2009

* Rainbows in Blogland *

I thought this was pretty creative. I like creative. I like colors. So, I have decided since I missed out on getting to play this week, I am playing next week instead. So Monday through Friday (January 26th-30th) I am playing, and think you should all play along too. Especially since I have heard some of you say you have nothing to blog about. Well here it is on a silver platter. All you have to do is tell your day through colors. Or get creative and do something to do with the color for the day.

(i am changing a few of the colors to my fancy though)

Monday- Blue
Tuesday- Green
Wednesday- Yellow
Thursday- Red
Friday- Brown

So play along if you like, if you don't feel like it, that's okay too, but simplycaitlin is going to be simply colorful for the next week.

Thanks for the idea Melissa (and Melissa's friend who I don't know.)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

* Communication is important. *

Animals all communicate a little differently..

Bees dance when they have found nectar. (The scout bee will dance in the hive, and the dance directs other bees to the location of the nectar.)

Chimpanzees greet each other by touching hands.

Male fiddler crabs wave their giant claw to attract female fiddler crabs.

White-tailed deer show alarm by flicking up their tails.

Dogs stretch their front legs out in front of them and lower their bodies when they want to play.

Elephants show affection by entwining their trunks.

Giraffes press their necks together when they are attracted to each other.

Gorillas stick out their tongues to show anger.

Kangaroos thump their hind legs to warn others of danger.

Prairie dogs bare their teeth and press their mouths together to discover if they are friends or foes.

Whales leap out of the water repeatedly to send messages to other whales.

Swans entwine their long necks both to fight and to court.

Horses rub noses as a sign of affection.

And what do two adult males do to communicate? Let me tell you a story.

The other night Bob and I were getting out of the car to go in the house, when a guy down the street locks his car by pressing his key fob and making his car honk.

Just then Bob does the same thing with our car to lock it. The guy down the street stops walking, looks at us, presses his button and honks the horn once again. Causing Bob to stop, look at him, press our button and honk our horn again.

(By this point I have stopped along with the males and am looking back and forth at them in disbelief. Was this actually happening?)

It was the funniest thing, we were all laughing, but we were so far away from the guy (that we didn't know) it's not like we could have a conversation. So he honks his horn again, then Bob, then him, then Bob. I am laughing and edging towards the house. Then he gives one more honk and goes into his apartment, so Bob hurries and honks our horn once more and goes inside. What do we hear two seconds later? That's right. Honk.

So there you have it. Like geese, human males communicate much the same way. Or at least that's what it seems from my brief studies the other night. Bob says girls communicate in high pitched voices while hugging each other profusely.

(Info on how animals communicate from an excerpt in The End of Stress as We Know It)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

* If you are like me.. *

..and get bored at work sometimes. (This usually happens for me around 3:30 p.m.) I like to pass the time with these two games.. (luckily I have a job that permits game time when things slow down)


Not only are they addicting. But the animation cracks me up. I think that's why I love them so much, I am laughing the whole time I play. Check them out the next time you get bored. (click the names of the games to play)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Mr. Diet Coke..

With the new resolutions it might be time to break up, just wish I wasn't so in love. Some might say addicted. But that just makes me sound needy.

Sometimes we even take baths together. Don't judge me.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Random January Weekend

This weekend Bob and I tried to relax as much as possible since it was Bob's first week of school, and it's an intense semester. We ate at the Gateway..

(yes, that is a very decadent and calorie filled dessert, but please notice the water! baby steps people, baby steps.)

On the way out we saw this car and I made Bob take a picture next to it with his phone.

I love that it says legal and single. Since Bob and I aren't single I thought I would put it on my blog in case any of you are looking for a date. ;)

Then we hopped in our car and waited in a huge line to get out of the parking garage. I forget how busy downtown gets on the weekends. So I whipped out my trusty camera and took a couple of funky pictures to pass the time.

The last one looks like there is a ghost snake with us in the car. Spoooky. When we finally got out of the madness which was downtown, we decided to rent Eagle Eye. Though it had plot holes, it was very entertaining and considering we only spent a dollar since it's at RedBox it was totally worth it. I have decided I really Shia LaBeouf, or Boofy as Bob calls him.

Love these weekends!

BobCat Stew

(see how you can make your own personalized card here )

Friday, January 16, 2009

I'm gonna let you in on a sweet secret..

Bob and I are horse people.

I don't mean to brag or anything. I just can't help it. We ride. We don't hit up the equestrian parks though.

We hit up the grocery stores..

Don't be jealous of us cowboys though. Just be in awe of us. (and yes, I realize I am riding a moose. i'm a more experienced rider than Bob.)

Happy 60th!

Wednesday night Bob had a great idea for us to surprise my dad for his birthday, by standing outside his work (yes, my dad works too hard and won't take time off for his birthday) with two huge signs and balloons.

While we were waiting for him to see us on his way into work. We got a lot of honks and everyone was slowing down to read the signs. But no dad. Hmm. It turns out my dad took a different way to work, but had seen my car so he came to investigate. He laughed really hard when he saw what we were doing. We also brought him a present and dinner from Crown Burger.

I just hope we didn't embarrass him too much in front of his fellow nurses. (Oh and this balloon cracked me up. It actually had those googly eyes glued onto it.)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

One of these things doesn't belong..

..or does it? Let me explain..

Anyone who has the Food Network knows that Paula Deen is a little bit crazy. Well on Friday, Bob and I were watching one of her cooking shows. She was making brunch and made this recipe..

You may be asking.. "Wait, is that a burger, egg, and bacon sandwiched between two glazed donuts?" Yep. that's what she made alright.

My response: "Oh gross!"
Bob's response: "That looks so good!"

So Bob surprised me Saturday morning by cooking us a little breakfast/brunch experiment. After all, it seemed so strange that we had to try it. (and I had to get pictures to document and prove we actually did it)

Bob made me try it first.

Can you see the concern on my face? Then it was the chef's turn.

Was it messy? YES!

Was it different? YES!

Was it gross? Actually, no. It was pretty good.

In fact these were our plates when all was said and done..

(Mine is on the left. It was a really large sandwich, so I had a little left over, because I was so stuffed.)

So I took a picture of what I had for breakfast today. I think it will be pretty obvious..

Yeah, right! The donut sandwich was pretty good, but it's one of those extremely filling, calorie filled monster sandwiches that you only try every once in a while. I think I will stick to my plain bagel with a couple slices of cheese for now.

So, what's the verdict. Do you think we're crazy? We might be, but atleast we tried something different.