Wednesday, January 7, 2009


I thought this word..



adjective, rand-i-er, rand-i-est, noun, plural rand-ies.
sexually aroused; lustful; lecherous.

was this word..



[en-er-jet-ik] –adjective
possessing or exhibiting energy, esp. in abundance; vigorous: an energetic leader.

Or to be more precise, I thought they had similar meanings.

So when I said "I feel randy!" (very loudly) last night at dinner with friends. You can imagine I got some rather strange looks. I may have been dancing in my seat a little too. Bonnie busted up laughing and asked me what in the heck I was talking about. After telling her, she informed me what the real definition of the word was, and Jessica (who was sitting next to me) scooted her chair in the other direction.

Yes, I'm a nerd.


melissa said...

Bart always has liked the name "Randi" for a girl.

until I told him the meaning.

Bonnie said...

Oh so funny. I love you Caity! That was just hilarious because I haven't actually heard anyone say it so loudly with such "FERVOR" - especially in public! :) Actually, I don't think I have every actually heard anyone say it except for my friend Randy who introduced himself to a girl in a bar in Australia and found out very quickly that it means something pretty interesting there.

Now you know... and you can still say it if you want! :)

Coleman Family said...

That is something I would do, it's nice to know I'm not the only one!