Thursday, January 1, 2009

What a year!

Hmm, let's see this year included..

-The Mister and me celebrating birthday's. A big one for me. I was suddenly catapulted out of my early 20's and into my mid 20's gasp!

-I started a blog. Which I never thought I would do, but have found it's tons of fun, and have made great friends through it. Not to mention I now for the very first time have a journal! (It's the closest I am ever going to get, and I'm okay with that.)

-Some of my very closest friends have been blessed with little babes. I can't wait to see this lil' ballerina, this lil' spud, and this lil' jelly bean grow in 2009. Not to mention my new favorite lil' dude.

-I realized I am the luckiest girl in the world.

-I started learning new things, and getting new hobbies. Still not that great at this. Fell in love with this. Even found myself and three of my images in this show. (Very flattered.) And mom and I bonded over these.

-Celebrated our cotton anniversary in lovely Seattle.

-Had a blast at great concerts. (Sheryl Crow, Ingrid Michaelson, Joshua Radin, Colbie Callait, Josh Gracin)

-Left a lovely downtown apartment, and traded it in for a second lovely and slightly elfish apartment.

-Met Chandler Bing.

-Practiced some photography. Even though I wish I had a nicer camera, it's good to know that my dear friend has faith in me.

-Went through the longest elections! Ended up with a new president. One that would not have been elected 50 years ago. We witnessed history.

-Threw a baby shower that I think was a complete success.

-Spent a week in lovely Washington, with some very lovely people.

I don't know about you, but I'm ready for a new year and new experiences. Welcome 2009, it's nice to see you.