Friday, January 16, 2009

Happy 60th!

Wednesday night Bob had a great idea for us to surprise my dad for his birthday, by standing outside his work (yes, my dad works too hard and won't take time off for his birthday) with two huge signs and balloons.

While we were waiting for him to see us on his way into work. We got a lot of honks and everyone was slowing down to read the signs. But no dad. Hmm. It turns out my dad took a different way to work, but had seen my car so he came to investigate. He laughed really hard when he saw what we were doing. We also brought him a present and dinner from Crown Burger.

I just hope we didn't embarrass him too much in front of his fellow nurses. (Oh and this balloon cracked me up. It actually had those googly eyes glued onto it.)


Anonymous said...

Holy Cow! Love that balloon!

Bonnie said...

Ironic that he had a hilarious cow on his balloon and you brought him a burger. A theme birthday! I get it! You guys are too cute.