Friday, January 30, 2009

* Brown, Brown, Brown.. *

My three favorite brown things:

1. My bed with my brown bed spread.

It seems like I don't get to spend enough time in my bed. Like this morning, when I looked at the clock and was supposed to be jumping out of bed, I swear I heard the bed whisper ever so slightly.. "But it's cold, just stay for a while. Just turn over and go back to sleep." Let me tell you, my bed is one smooth talker.

2. Potatoes (yes, I know technically the dirt is the brown part, but work with me people.)

Delicious! They are hands down my favorite food. On Thanksgiving my family automatically passes the bowl my way. I have yet to find a recipe that included potatoes, that I don't like. Mr. Brown Potato might not be the most fashionable thing, but let me tell you.. I think he is one sexy beast.

3. Chocolate

What can be said? Chocolate is a seductress isn't she? Sure strawberry shortcake is cute. Sure banana cream pie is sassy, and who can snub a fruit tart? But chocolate. I like your style.

Whether it be in brownies, pies, cookies, cakes, candies whatever. I love it. So yesterday I made a point to eat as much of it as I could. You know strictly for this brown post. I had no choice really. It was a dirty job, but I was up for the challenge.

(Bob's aunt Nita gave us a gift card for Applebees and when Bob asked what I wanted for dessert, I laughed and said well it's brown day, so um we better go with the chocolate melt down. For the sake of the blog. He just rolled his eyes.)

Happy {Brown} Day! (thanks eric and kim for playing all week long!)

(This colorful week has been fun. I love finding ways to be creative. It was nice to notice colors in this drab weather, and it's funny how aware of colors I was this week.)

P.S. Did anyone notice the amazing moon last night? This was the view from our street. Since we didn't have a tripod handy it's a tad blurry. But what an amazing sight. This is part of the reason why I love living down town!


katiekimmcdermott said...

I also, LOVE potatoes! I would choose Mr. Potato over Ms. Chocolate any day!!! Maybe it's just because I don't swing that way or maybe it's just because I have a sick obsession with carbs. :)

Loved Brown Day!!

Drew and Valarie's Family Blog said...

yum! That hot chocolate looks GOOD!!!!!!!!

Julie said...

I loved your very colorful are so creative!

MisterE said...

This post made me very hungry! Now I need hasbrowns and bacon, that is brown too, right?? Even the word verivication agrees as it says eation which I read as Eatin'!

MisterE said...

Wow! There were all kinds of spelling errors on that last comment! I blame the hunger pains!

melissa said...

LOOOVE brown.