Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My Hero

(Peeps Post #9) It's been so long since I have done one of these. You can refresh your memory here. I figured since it was such a big milestone birthday for my dad, he deserves a little extra today. Happy 60th papa schmappa.

It's too hard to do a peeps post about my dad. There are too many stories. Like when he would deliver batteries and take me along, and buy tons of junk food. (whatever I wanted) or the countless vacations we have been on. Or all of the good advice he has given me over the years. It's also hard because I have a soft spot for my dad. I get my "tearductitis" (as he calls it) from him.

There is too much I would have to cover. So instead this is what I have come up with. See my dad is one of the best poets I know. He truly has a gift. I don't think there was dry eye at my wedding breakfast when my dad read his poem for Bob and me. Now let's be clear that I am in no way a poet. I do not have half the talent he has. But I felt this was the best way to honor him.

I love you dad. I will never be able to get across how much you mean to me. But I thought I would try with a little poem..

Dad, do you know how much and how far I look up to you?
I try to make people feel special and included the way you always seem to do.

I wonder if people know how truly fantastic, humble, and talented you are.
How you could beat them at pool one handed or water ski from the back of a car.

I try to do as you do, when you play down to people or let them talk about what’s on their mind.
But I mostly fall short, I cannot compare, probably because you really are one of a kind.

We have a Dad who stands by us no matter what, who sent us on “races”
Who makes up silly names and stories about Chub, Mub, and Scrub. Just to see our smiling faces.

Who writes us poems for birthdays, weddings and more.
Who helps us realize how much he loves us all the way down to the core.

Every one who gets to know you considers themselves the luckiest boy or girl.
Would push, shove, climb, or tackle to give being your friend a whirl.

Heaven is to sit with you and hear all of your awesome stories without a peep from me.
To learn of your mischief, your fights, even when you let the air out of the tires and tried to wriggle free.

You have taught us by example how to treat those in need
Be kind to your mother, your teacher, your neighbor, do unto others has always been your creed.

You have always made me feel special, important,a princess, all around the tops
And for that I thank you forever and ever you’re my hero, dad, father and pops.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday George!


(Cait you are such a good daughter - such nice sentiments)

BTW - can I get a copy of the wedding poem?

H&M said...

TENDER!! I think you dad is just wonderful and I am lucky to know you both! :)

fivecutekids said...

I love this post, thank you for sharing your dad with us and the true love that you have for him.

Jess said...

Happy Birthday! Such a sweet poem. I love your dad!

MisterE said...

Your Dad is one of the nicest people I have meet. Happy Birthday George!

Jon Hagen said...

Happy Birthday! There's a tree in the background of one of your pictures that looks vaguely familiar...

Pink flowers - you know the one I'm talking about. :)

Anonymous said...