Wednesday, January 28, 2009

* They call me Mellow Yellow. *

For yellow day I say we slow down..

Let's relax and just chill out..the suns shining.. (or at least it was yesterday when I took this picture.)

Let's change out of our work clothes..

And into something comfy..

Put on some good music..

Close our eyes and recharge. I didn't have any cucumbers, and those are green, so I opted for the next best thing..

Lemon candy?? It's the only yellow thing I had in the house. So for this Wednesday, I wish you a relaxing and Happy {Yellow} Day! (Eric is feeling mellow too) ( alana wrote a sweet and sour yellow post for her friend.) (and kim had her daughter all decked out in yellow)


fivecutekids said...

The color yellow always makes me happy, enjoy your yellow day. You make me SMILE!

P.S. said...

they call me mellow, no they don't, but I wish I were more mellow. I would like some lemon candies please.

Lindsey Lu said...

I love that:) love the yellow shirt nd i love that your camera is that fast to take a yellow light picture...

MisterE said...

Love all the yells!