Monday, January 12, 2009

Weekend Stuff

Friday night we went to dinner with the Svay's. We had tons of fun, and I always love seeing this lil' bug..

(and this lil' bug too.. :)

Then on Saturday we chillaxed. We used some gift cards and headed to the Gateway for a little shopping (emphasis on little.. Bob doesn't like shopping with girls. He thinks we're indecisive.. he might be right, or is he?) and then went to see "Yes Man".

Sunday we wrapped it all up with a birthday party for Jackson..

Why is it that I always feel like I can barely crawl out of bed on Monday mornings? Perhaps it's being able to sleep in until noon on weekends. (not that I did that or anything ;)


Anonymous said...

cute pics - looks like a fun weekend! Your excercise/drink more water resolve is encouraging me to do better - thanks!!


P.S. said...

Elle says to tell you thank you for making us try MacCools for dinner. mmmm mmmm good.
Maybe when the waitress told us she'd be there until 11 that wasn't really an invitation to stay that long. Opps, oh well we had fun laughing with you guys!