Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Declaration of Romantic Intent

Sometimes I send Bob official statements of love. (found here)

(to fill out your own form of communication go here)

Monday, March 30, 2009

Quick Weekend Wrap Up

Friday was spent shopping with my mom and sister.

Saturday I got to hang out with my cool mtc girls. Later that night we had a much needed get together with the gang. It had been way too long.

Sunday was the day I got to rest and relax. (and catch up on my tivo)

Monday it snowed... again. I'd say Happy Monday, but my lips are frozen as well as my toes.

** Also I need help. My gym membership is expiring next month and since it will be summer soon and I can workout outside I am not renewing it. So while I wait for the warm weather to get here, does anyone have any work out tapes they love and would recommend? I already do a pilates home workout, I just need a good aerobic exercise DVD to go along with it. Ideas people, I need ideas. Thanks. **

Friday, March 27, 2009

Weekend Anticipation

As I sit here at work counting down the time until it's the weekend I can't help but let my mind wander to things I'd rather be doing right now..

- laying in a hammock in a warm tropical local

- sitting in a jacuzzi

- getting a massage and pedicure

- eating pineapple in Maui

But right now I would settle for crawling back into bed. Question. If you could be doing anything else right now, what would it be?

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Rocking out in my car..

Do you ever let your mind wander while driving alone in the car, and then suddenly realize you're listening to an incredibly cheesy song, that you would never normally listen to?

Somethings wrong when you find yourself listening to this song with your windows down. (I may or may not have been sitting at a red light with that song blaring, and didn't realize it until I looked over at the car next to me with a man giving me a strange look.)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

We'll stick to longboards for now.

Bob just got a custom long board from here. He had it shipped to my work, so every day he would call asking if it had arrived yet. Every day I had to tell him no. Each time I told him so, he would say "Okay, but as soon as it gets there, you have to call me." I assured him I would. Then said "Man, you would think you were getting a baby in the mail or something."

Would you like to know what he said?

"Yeah, but this is more fun."
(me) "Oh yeah, how do you figure?"
(bob) "Well you can ride this. Caity, you can't ride on a baby." Then he said "But you could roll a baby.. that might be fun."

Yeah, I don't know if we should have kids for a while.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Independent Adult

One of the great things about being an adult is being able to do pretty much whatever you want. If I wanted to stay up all night I could. If I don't want to finish my vegetables, I just chuck em' right in the garbage. No curfew, boys are allowed.. well at least one boy is allowed.

Well yesterday I started getting a scratchy throat, and I have been sick enough this year so I laid down to rest last night at like 7:00. Well when I woke up it was 7:30.. the next morning. Yes, that's right I slept over 12 hours last night.

That's how I chose to spend my night. Like an adult... Like a 95 year old adult. The only thing that was missing was my early bird dinner at the Sizzler and the word whippersnapper.

Monday, March 23, 2009

70 Degree Weekend

Friday we had dinner and ice cream with Bon & Jon at the Gateway. We tried to see Duplicity, but it was sold out, so we did a little shopping, and then it was back to our apartment to sit on the front porch, enjoy the weather, chat, and laugh our guts out. We tried to help them pick out a name for their little girly due in May. Bob's pick was Doodlebanger, so you can see it was a very serious discussion. Jon told us all about his shower habits, and Bon and I laughed until our eyes watered.

Then on Saturday we woke up and long boarded all over the city and finished up by having a delightful breakfast.

(Bob is always trying to thwart my pictures by making silly faces. Oh well, people can think he's handicapped for all I care)

I love my weekends. Especially when there is fantastic 70 degree weather. Happy Monday! (but who invited this darn snow?)

Friday, March 20, 2009

Photoshop Nerd

I'm a photoshop nerd. I think we all know this judging by all the "tweaked" photos that appear on my blog. Well lately I have been playing around with making my photos look like polaroids. (YES I KNOW THERE IS A SITE THAT WILL DO IT FOR YOU.. but that takes the fun out of it.)

See, I used to actually shoot polaroids. In fact the first year Bob and I were married we had a Christmas party that involved taking polaroid pictures of everyone under the mistletoe and then giving it to them as they left. Then I quickly realized it was an expensive little hobby and I just can't justify paying so much for the film. So I stored my polaroid up in the tippy top of my closet. (so I didn't feel tempted to use it)

It made me sad though, because I like how they look. I like the old feel. And as strange as it sounds I think my favorite thing about them, is that there is that tab at the bottom of it for me to label. OH HOW I LOVE TO LABEL!

I really admire those who still use their polaroids. And I would never claim that these were real. (Ooh, and look at this website of the real deal polaroid stuff) But I thought I would post a few of the pictures I have been working on. I am also doing a bit of a blog overhaul for spring, so you will see more of these appearing on my sidebar very soon.

(p.s. I know technically vignettes aren't that common in polaroids.. I can't help it, I like them. Maybe that's why I shoot with a holga!)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Diet Confusion

Yesterday I may have celebrated about going down a pants size by buying new pants.. I may have also had some chocolate cake while watching the Biggest Loser. Maybe I don't quite understand how this diet thing works..

Happy Birthday Susan!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

An interuption of your regularly scheduled blogging..

(*insert all too familiar theme music)

I thought I would take time out from my blogging to teach you all about guns..


-Make sure you look good holding the gun.


-Stand next to someone with ear muff noise reducers. It makes people think you are important and know how to shoot a gun. (I think we look like those people who wander around the airport.)

Next step..

- Find someone who actually knows how to use the gun you're holding, and have them teach you how not to shoot your foot off.

-Then have someone point you in the right direction of the target, and not at the truck you rode up in. (apparently this is a big deal)

-Now you're ready to shoot the gun..

-After you fire make sure you scream at the top of your lungs.. not because it scared the living day lights out of you.. but to let off steam.

-When asked to shoot the gun again, tell them maybe later, you're busy right now..

But pose with the gun once more to show everyone you're not scerrred of it.. (please note I wasn't afraid of the hand guns, but once I shot the mean shot gun that recoils and punched me, I was done.)

(this was actually taken before I shot the gun, I didn't get anywhere near it after I had shot it.)

Well that about wraps it up. I think we have all learned something. Also I know that you are in awe of my mad gun skills.. I don't blame you.. it's to be expected. I do rock my nine.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

You know you're a redneck..

and even..

I guess that means this weekend, I was a redneck..

I even experienced Cabela's for the first time. I have to say even though I had never shot a gun, never even held a gun (unless a water gun counts) I had a lot of fun. But after seeing the crowd at the gun store.. why do I have the feeling that I now have to grow a beard and get a beer belly?

We can do this the easy way.. or the hard way.

Last night I asked Bob if we could dress up or something for St. Patricks Day. Robert's reply? "No." (What he forgets is I have the power of photoshop.)

Monday, March 16, 2009

This boy..

.. came for a sleep-over Friday night. While Jackson and Bob long boarded, my sisters son Finn and I made hand puppets, doodled, sang, and had a photo shoot..

I would yell out directions and we would make faces. He laughed his guts out when we got to pensive. I think he thought I was talking about something that costs a lot of money.

Weekend Wedding

About two and a half years ago I was lucky enough to find my best friend and marry him in the Salt Lake Temple, following our wedding we had a ring ceremony and a reception at Rose Sachs Gardens.

The day was a great success due to a small army of people. I felt so lucky that day to have such amazing people there to support me and my brand new husband. One of those people is my friend Kelly. She not only offered to do my hair (for free) but she was my own personal assistant that day!

She got up at four in the morning to curl my hair before our wedding. (yes I said 4 a.m. when no one should be allowed to be awake) Then after we had the biggest down pour of rain.. seriously it was like a small monsoon following me around! I looked like a drown rat. So what did Kelly do? She got off work early to come and do my hair all over again before my reception. Not only that, but she did my makeup, she helped me get into my dress, and she helped me stay calm when the flower shop delivered the bouquet right out of the 80's. She also helped me fix it. She stayed and held my hand through all the drama.

I have always been incredibly grateful for her. So when she got married this weekend I was so excited to share in her happiness. Congrats girl!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Pro's vs. Con's

I like random lists. So I thought I would put one together for a random Friday the 13th. (to see others I have liked, click here, here (it's on her side bar),and here (it's on the bottom of the blog)

Simply don’t like:

(this random dreary picture was taken on a blistery cold Utah night from our old apartment)

-frost on my back window, that is just thin enough that I can't scrape it, but just thick enough that I can’t see out of it

-the smell of tires

-when rides are closed at Disneyland

-when people cheat during a game (imagine my frustration being married to Bob)

-turning on the radio and hearing the end of a song I like

-being woken up

-when I am sitting too low, from a chair being too short

-when my ankle socks get pulled down into my shoes forcing me to walk on them

Simply like:

(cloud photo taken on a random trip up to Logan, Utah)

-the sound of corduroy pants when your legs sweep past each other

-waking up on a Saturday morning, going into the kitchen, getting a diet coke and sitting in front of the computer and looking at blogs, emails, youtube, anything that is mindless and letting myself wake up

-laying on the ground when the sunlight pours into the room and enjoying the warmth

-waking up early, eating a yummy breakfast, and then going back to bed for a nap

-waking up, looking at the clock, and realizing I can go back to sleep

- the sound of crackling wrappers

- taking walks with my camera

- when Bob wakes up in the middle of the night, pats me sleepily on the back and sweetly says "I love you. "

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Diet Goggles? Check.

Have you ever noticed when you are dieting things are a little different? Like you will walk into a store, hear a show tune, and when you look over to see where it's coming from, you see a yummy little chocolate cupcake singing with a top hat and cane.

Yes, I know it isn't really happening, but things are different when you're dieting. I call this putting on your diet goggles.

It's like you are taking off into space. You're on a mission. You're going to lose that weight.. Stretchy workout pants? Check. Fat rolls? Check. Diet goggles? Check.

Now you're wearing these goggles that are letting you see things you wouldn't normally see. Like skinny girls crawling out of the wood work and you start comparing your body to theirs.. donuts start sprouting legs and somehow jump into your cart at the grocery store. It's madness. It makes things way harder. I swear every commercial on t.v. is for fast food when I have my goggles on.

Now, I'm just wishing I had a diet sting ray gun to fight off the darned temptations. Mr. chocolate cake.. I'm talking to you.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My name is Caitlin, and I dance at work.

(*insert best Dwight impression)

fact: Sometimes when I'm alone at work I dance.

fact: My boss happened to walk in on me dancing today.

fact: I may have said something utterly ridiculous like "I'm just stretching my legs." (She raised one eyebrow and said: mm okay.. and walked out.)

I need help.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Do you ever have one of those mornings where you realize you don't have a blender?

This morning I woke up, grabbed all the ingredients to make a yummy (and healthy) breakfast fruit smoothie. That's when it hit me. "Caity, you don't have a blender."

How is it that Bob and I have been married for almost three years and I am just now realizing this? Isn't a blender a kitchen staple? I explored every single cabinet in my elf kitchen and not one blender popped up. But if you're looking for crock pots I have more than enough to go around.. hmm perhaps I could make a crock pot smoothie?

Monday, March 9, 2009

Losing an hour isn't fun.

This weekend flew by and I blame daylight savings. (we have a love hate relationship, I love it when I gain an hour, but seem to get a bit grumpy when I lose one.)

Friday I had a lovely dinner date with my husband and then it was off to the gym. What Caity? You went to the gym on a Friday night? Yes, yes I did. The fact that I was a loser was glaringly obvious since I had the gym almost all to myself.

Saturday Bob and I went to the Gateway and to lunch at Cucina. We also stopped by a new store that just opened by the Gateway. I found an Anne Taylor Loft shirt for only $7.50 a jacket for $9.00 and a dress for $9.50. I love finding good deals! Then we had dinner with these cool cats.

Sunday I was having an allergy to something and I took the first allergy pill I found in our medicine cabinet. I don't know if it was a night time pill or if my body just reacted weird to it, but I slept all day long. I'm not even kidding. All day.. from around two until eight.

The weather was fabulous this weekend, I hope you all enjoyed it. Happy Monday.

Friday, March 6, 2009

The weather tricked me.

the snow is swirling out my window.

my toes are cold.

my thoughts are drifting to days that are warmer.

is it too early to wish it were summer in lake powell?

at least it's the weekend.. happy weekend.

San Diego Excitement

Well we booked our trip and are already getting excited. Getting excited to relax on the beach. Become a surfer girl (does one lesson equal surfer girl?) Kayak through the La Jolla caves. Eat the best Mexican food on the planet and peruse the sites. Plus it's been too long since I have taken pictures with Ms. Holga. I'm excited for the yummy beach photography. Thanks for all the info and ideas. Let us know if you think of anything else.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Third Anniversary Trip

So I think we have decided on a destination for our anniversary this year. We are thinking sunny San Diego. Bob has never been and I have been wanting to go back. We found some cheap plane tickets and a great hotel right on the beach in La Jolla. So I need suggestions on what to do while we're there.

We know we will kayak the La Jolla caves and Bob has been wanting to surf since our honeymoon. But we are staying for five days and need some suggestions on what else we can't miss.

Also I loved Sea World when I went, but what about the San Diego Zoo? I have never been and heard it's cool. What about yummy restaurants we can't miss? Any ideas for us?

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Weekend Thugs

Confession. I have an alter ego. And so do Eric and Bob.

They usually come out when we have stayed up way too late and have consumed large amounts of caffeine.

Monday, March 2, 2009

I'm just getting good use out of my digital camera!

Friday Bob and I went out on a date. We decided to do dinner and a movie..

While we were waiting for the movie to start I pulled out the camera. (surprising i know) I have taken the liberty to draw up a diagram of how it usually goes when I want to take a picture with Robert.

#1- The first picture never works out. He never looks at the camera or I look weird. So I tell him I want to take another one.

#2- Then we take another one. It's usually okay, but I say let's just take one more so I can have options. That's when he groans and mumbles that I'm the paparazzi and there are about five different pictures that include Bob making bizarre faces. (ie: pretending to pick his nose, closing his eyes and sticking his tongue out, etc..)

#3- So then I tell him, fine let's just take a goofy picture. So I make a goofy face and he makes a normal one. (When I ask him why, he tells me so it will deter me from taking pictures.)

#4- I tell him just one more I promise. And this is what occurs. A pretending he's sleeping pained pouty face. This is when I know I won't be able to get any more pictures.

I guess this wouldn't happen if I would just be happy with one shot, but isn't this why digital camera's were invented!?

Lucky March

For March I will be highlighting my favorite blog posts from the week in the upper right corner of my blog. Just press the picture and you will be directed to it. I love to see your creativity and feel inspired by you. I feel lucky to share in your lives. Happy March!