Thursday, March 12, 2009

Diet Goggles? Check.

Have you ever noticed when you are dieting things are a little different? Like you will walk into a store, hear a show tune, and when you look over to see where it's coming from, you see a yummy little chocolate cupcake singing with a top hat and cane.

Yes, I know it isn't really happening, but things are different when you're dieting. I call this putting on your diet goggles.

It's like you are taking off into space. You're on a mission. You're going to lose that weight.. Stretchy workout pants? Check. Fat rolls? Check. Diet goggles? Check.

Now you're wearing these goggles that are letting you see things you wouldn't normally see. Like skinny girls crawling out of the wood work and you start comparing your body to theirs.. donuts start sprouting legs and somehow jump into your cart at the grocery store. It's madness. It makes things way harder. I swear every commercial on t.v. is for fast food when I have my goggles on.

Now, I'm just wishing I had a diet sting ray gun to fight off the darned temptations. Mr. chocolate cake.. I'm talking to you.


katiekimmcdermott said...

You are so funny.... This post totally cracked me up this morning!! You always make my day!

Food right now looks like heaven to me. I know eventually I'll figure things out and get there, but it seems like it is taking FOREVER!

shan said...

i've seen him too- i've also seen places suddenly turn magically into the wonka chocolate factory, where suddenly everything is edible....stupid dieting

JULiE said...

You have a wild imagination my dear. I don't ever diet. I ALWAYS call it a my way of life. So some how that makes it different for me.

::shrugs:: what ever works to get it to work....Except it's not working yet! Oh dear! lol

H&M said...

I have an awesome book called intuitive eating. I think it is wonderful,it offers a refreshing perspective on the idea of dieting. I recommend it for anyone who is struggling with diets.

jane said...


Lindsey Lu said...

soooo true!!!

Meg Fee said...

oh this is amazing. so amazing.