Monday, March 9, 2009

Losing an hour isn't fun.

This weekend flew by and I blame daylight savings. (we have a love hate relationship, I love it when I gain an hour, but seem to get a bit grumpy when I lose one.)

Friday I had a lovely dinner date with my husband and then it was off to the gym. What Caity? You went to the gym on a Friday night? Yes, yes I did. The fact that I was a loser was glaringly obvious since I had the gym almost all to myself.

Saturday Bob and I went to the Gateway and to lunch at Cucina. We also stopped by a new store that just opened by the Gateway. I found an Anne Taylor Loft shirt for only $7.50 a jacket for $9.00 and a dress for $9.50. I love finding good deals! Then we had dinner with these cool cats.

Sunday I was having an allergy to something and I took the first allergy pill I found in our medicine cabinet. I don't know if it was a night time pill or if my body just reacted weird to it, but I slept all day long. I'm not even kidding. All day.. from around two until eight.

The weather was fabulous this weekend, I hope you all enjoyed it. Happy Monday.


P.S. said...

I want to see the clothes you bought at that cool store! Post them, post them, please.
Mmmmm Cucina, one turkey and cranberry please.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fun weekend!


Myletter said...

i seem to have the same love/hate relationship! Coincidence? :P

MisterE said...

I want my hour back!

StuandSom said...

so when you throw a themed party we will GO ALL out.. and so would ami and jon. Maybe just the three of us couples should do it but it would be a blast!! we are not afraid to get into our inner white trash, 70's disco queens or whatever else might be on the agenda.

katiekimmcdermott said...

Looks like a super fun weekend!!! I can't wait for one of those to come my way (hopefully soon)