Friday, March 20, 2009

Photoshop Nerd

I'm a photoshop nerd. I think we all know this judging by all the "tweaked" photos that appear on my blog. Well lately I have been playing around with making my photos look like polaroids. (YES I KNOW THERE IS A SITE THAT WILL DO IT FOR YOU.. but that takes the fun out of it.)

See, I used to actually shoot polaroids. In fact the first year Bob and I were married we had a Christmas party that involved taking polaroid pictures of everyone under the mistletoe and then giving it to them as they left. Then I quickly realized it was an expensive little hobby and I just can't justify paying so much for the film. So I stored my polaroid up in the tippy top of my closet. (so I didn't feel tempted to use it)

It made me sad though, because I like how they look. I like the old feel. And as strange as it sounds I think my favorite thing about them, is that there is that tab at the bottom of it for me to label. OH HOW I LOVE TO LABEL!

I really admire those who still use their polaroids. And I would never claim that these were real. (Ooh, and look at this website of the real deal polaroid stuff) But I thought I would post a few of the pictures I have been working on. I am also doing a bit of a blog overhaul for spring, so you will see more of these appearing on my sidebar very soon.

(p.s. I know technically vignettes aren't that common in polaroids.. I can't help it, I like them. Maybe that's why I shoot with a holga!)


Anonymous said...

Love these. I agree about labeling.

Scott and Lindsey said...

Thanks for the plug! Now I should probably update my Polaroid blog...too tired to do anything.

I think your pictures look great!

P.S. said...

2 4 6 8 Polaroids are super great! Thanks for the idea, now I am going to steal it!!!
For real you need to show me your magic powers.

Linda Mattson said...

Where is Coupeville? I love those pictures! So classic.

jane said...

OMG! These are great! Keep shooting.

MisterE said...

Very Nice!! If I had a cork board these would all be pinned to it. Assuming you let be borrow the pics. Or perhaps a wall-o-polaroids! Yes I think that would work, you should get on that.

disa said...