Wednesday, March 18, 2009

An interuption of your regularly scheduled blogging..

(*insert all too familiar theme music)

I thought I would take time out from my blogging to teach you all about guns..


-Make sure you look good holding the gun.


-Stand next to someone with ear muff noise reducers. It makes people think you are important and know how to shoot a gun. (I think we look like those people who wander around the airport.)

Next step..

- Find someone who actually knows how to use the gun you're holding, and have them teach you how not to shoot your foot off.

-Then have someone point you in the right direction of the target, and not at the truck you rode up in. (apparently this is a big deal)

-Now you're ready to shoot the gun..

-After you fire make sure you scream at the top of your lungs.. not because it scared the living day lights out of you.. but to let off steam.

-When asked to shoot the gun again, tell them maybe later, you're busy right now..

But pose with the gun once more to show everyone you're not scerrred of it.. (please note I wasn't afraid of the hand guns, but once I shot the mean shot gun that recoils and punched me, I was done.)

(this was actually taken before I shot the gun, I didn't get anywhere near it after I had shot it.)

Well that about wraps it up. I think we have all learned something. Also I know that you are in awe of my mad gun skills.. I don't blame you.. it's to be expected. I do rock my nine.


Coleman Family said...

Go Caity, you at least looked like you knew what you were doing!:)

Scott and Lindsey said...

Scott's family shoots clay pigeons every Thanksgiving. It is so fun because I go, shoot one round, and then wait in the cold until everyone else is done. I hate the kickback too. Ouch!

Out in the Boonies said...

Oh Caitlin! Once again you have mad me laugh so hard! I love reading your blogs!!! I totally agree with you. I actually like shooting a hand gun but man I HATED shooting David's 30-06.Even his 22 shotgun was not fun!! Anyways you impressed David and me!