Monday, April 7, 2008

M to the atthew...

(Peep's post number two)

Matthew is my cousin, who I used to babysit. Now let's clarify that I was not the best babysitter! Since we were cousin's I would torment that poor kid. I was 12 when I started babysitting for him. I look back and I have to laugh. We had the best times. He has such a personality.

I don't see Matt as much as I wish I could, we used to work with each other and that was always fun, I would give him rides home sometimes and talk to him about life. I probably seemed like a nag to him because I would lecture him about how he needed to go to college and take high school more seriously, and tease him about girls. Man I love him. He is freakin' hysterical.

There was a time there where he moved out of his parents house and I didn't see him for like a year or two. I finally saw him at our other cousins wedding reception, and I didn't even recognize him! He has grown up so much! I was so excited to see him, that I hugged him for like 15 mins straight.

I remember once when Matthew was really young, he was standing next to a vending machine and an older kid passed by and Matthew told him that he could have some of his money if he wanted. At the time I think I scolded him, and told him he shouldn't give his money away. But now I look back and think man that was really nice and generous of a small kid. And that is how Matthew has always been with me.

The last time I called over to his house, I could hear him in the background pleading for me to bring something chocolate for him, it seems he is quite the chocoholic. So I brought a plate of homemade oreos over, and before I had left, they had strangely disappeared. (into his belly I believe)

Matt, I love you. (Oh and if you ever need me to call Santa for you again, let me know, I think I still have the number somewhere!)

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