Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Clumsy Cait

Lately I have been clumsy. Bob would say that as long as he has known me I have been. And he would be right. It just seems like lately it has gone from bad to worse. I have been hurting myself daily. Just in this week alone I have gotten two paper cuts, burned myself, and fallen on the escalator. That's right I fell on an escalator! Last week I was reaching for my glass perfume bottle. I knocked it off the shelf and instead of shattering, it bounced off the floor and as I was trying to catch it came up and hit my nose. These freak things happen to me all of the time! I will innocently trip and Bob will try his hardest not to laugh at me. He will scoop me into his arms to coddle me and politely say "You're not gonna make it"


The Lehr's said...

Hey Caity! thanks for the comments on my blog! So you and Bon are using sparkpeople too? Have you guys made your sparkpages? We should be sparkpeople friends. My id on sparkpeople is reesa82. So get your page together and lets be friends! luvs!

Jess said...

Oh, and you might not make it. :) Just Kidding! That's too funny though!

caitlin said...

Hey Cherise, we do have pages, I still haven't found Bonnie's though. I added you to my friends and I will ask Bon what her id is too. I still haven't figured out quite how everything works!