Thursday, April 24, 2008

Rumbi Chaos

( got this picture here)

I stopped by Rumbi last night for a to-go order so I could go home and watch ANTM (if you don't know what that stands for, I am not going to tell you, because you will just make fun of me like my husband does for watching it!)

As I waited for my tasty Bali Chicken and Rice bowl. (have you tried this one? can we say yum?) I watched a table with two children and their mother. The scene: One little boy playing the "drums" with his chopsticks as loud as he could muster. The other punching him and screaming "SHUT UP!" (after being scolded by his mother) then decided he should scream at the top of his lungs and drop his whole body on the floor. The mother tried to pick him up and bumped the chopstick boy which resulted in him balling and screaming too. (quite entertaining)

The mother tried to calm them, but to the dismay of everyone in the restaurant, the boy with the chopsticks kept crying and started playing the "drums" on his mothers head. While the other boy picked himself off the floor and started hitting his brother again. The mom tried to pry the boys apart all while being pelted with chopsticks and rice being flung EVERYWHERE. I left before any more rice hit the fan...

I left with a sense of gratitude that I didn't have to wrestle with any kids and I could just stop in, collect my food and retire to watch my stupid reality show. NOW DON'T GET ME WRONG! (I just know that all of you mom's are raring to leave me comments of how wonderful it is to have children, and I COMPLETELY agree with you) I cannot stress enough that one day I do hope to have kids,(NOT THOSE KIDS, but kids.) I am excited for the day when I do get to be a mom. I repeat I LOVE CHILDREN! But for right now I am just enjoying the time alone with my husband. Once more, I DO intend to have kids in the future, but for now while we don't I am content without all the rice in my hair...

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Jess said...

ha ha ha!!! Love this time--I'm sure we will love having kids too, but we'll never get this back. Enjoy! (And I do agree that kids will bring joy beyond comprehension, when it is your time to have them...)