Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Oh, brother..

(random peeps post #5)
Travis is my brother. He goes by a plethora of names. George, Travis, Trav (what I usually call him), Babe (by his wife), Dad (by his kids). Travis has been one of those people that have helped me become who I am. Helped me to develop a sense of humor, encouraged me to try new things, (sometimes forced me!), toughened me up. I am really blessed to have him as my brother. I dug up some old pictures and thought this peeps post would be better with me telling about him through photographs...
Trav used to make me diaper box trains, fix a jump rope to it and pull me all over the house. Growing up with him I saw so much talent and creativeness. Sometimes he used it for evil when he would tell me I could play with him and his friends, and then they would put me in a sleeping bag and toss me down the stairs in it. (talk about toughening me up!)
Something that I thought was really cool about my baptism was that Travis got to baptize me, and my Dad got to confirm me. It was such a special experience to have the two men in my life at that time that I looked up to the most, be a part of such a big event in my life.
This is just one I thought was funny. Mainly because I am not sure who let us out of the house like this, but Travis, the 80's called and they want their pink hat, shirt, and short shorts back...
Travis and I have been on countless adventures together. Some of my fondest memories growing up were the times we went to Moab in his Scout and four-wheeled. Whenever he would take me rock climbing and put up with me screaming that I was scared. Going to Zions and hiking the Narrows more than once and jumping off things that my mom the whole time was pleading us not to jump off of. I think he is one of the main reasons I turned into such a thrill seeker.
He is the only person that can talk me into doing pretty much anything. Still to this day he does it. Last week I was wearing high heels and he said that we were all going to play tennis and I was coming. To which I replied "Um, I don't have any shoes". You would think we would leave it at that, but I was forced to wear shoes that were FAR too large for my feet, and we ended up playing tennis anyway!
Travis loves his girls so much. (and maybe a boy soon?) He is a great Dad, it amazed me how he just stepped right into the "Father Role" and has done an exceptional job with his kids.
Travis, I know we don't say this very often, but I love you very much. You are someone that inspires me, and pushes me. For that I am so grateful. You are truly someone I look up to.
Thank you,
Caito (let me know when filming starts for Sabotage)

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