Monday, April 28, 2008

Simply Saturday

With mine and Jess's husbands busy, busy, busy (with finals). The two of us decided to have a bit of a girls day out. We started with breakfast at the Pancake House. Where you could find the two of us with our plates full of awesome food and downing our numerous Diet Cokes. (she is a fellow addict) Then we hopped from one cute little boutique to another. She was looking for Bunco prizes and I was there for the window shopping. If you were to look in our bag's at the end of the day you could find a frame, a hangy sign, a super cute (and half off I might add) bracelet, and a cute lil' book. Some in Jess's bag, some in mine. I would have to say that it was a successful and oh so fun day. If you have never been to Hip and Humble, Koo DE Ker, Artichokes & Co. or any of the other shops from 9th to Sugar House. You should def. check them out. We found great deals along the way.

The best was that night I ended up being able to spend just a little time with the Hub before he crashed from a hard day o' studyin. We red boxed a movie and ate yummy pizza. Couldn't ask for a better Saturday!


shan & andrew said...

I love those stores! Hip and Humble has always been my fav!

What a fun day!

Jess said...

Yay for shopping and time with the hubby. Finals. are. almost. over. Yay!!