Monday, April 7, 2008

Rainy Monday...

Found out some bad news today. I work for a company in Salt Lake, my boss found out that his father passed away Sunday morning. His father used to own the business and would come in every day to get his mail and stop in for a chat. It struck us all so much mainly because it feels like it happened out of nowhere. He was just in on Friday, and now it's Monday and he is gone. He was a great man, who was always willing to give you a friendly "Hello!" and a grin. He was someone that I saw every day Monday through Friday for the last two years.

My heart goes out to his whole family. It's always a hard thing. In times like these it makes me realize just how fleeting life really is. I always want the people I love and interact with to know how much I appreciate and care for them. Everyone can use a kind word. I am trying to remember that everyone is a child of God and I need to treat them with the kindness and respect I would want.

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