Friday, December 31, 2010

Goodbye 2010.. you won't be missed.

I know, I know I shouldn't be so harsh with 2010. There have been some ups this year. Some downs, and some plummets. (But more on that later.) I give you the BobCat's year in review..
  • And I might add that I got in my first ever car accident that was my fault this year. Not to mention last week a girl ran a stop sign and plowed into me. Yes, that means I have had a total of three car accidents this year. Three. What's so strange is I can't remember the last time I got in a car accident before this year, and of course I haven't even had a speeding ticket in my lifetime, but I get into a car accident that was my fault for the first time in the same year.
Not my lucky year folks. But that's okay, I am gearing up for 2011. It's bound to be better.. at least it can't get any worse. Knock on wood. Happy New Year everybody!


H&M said...

Heres to a new year and lets hope its better for you, you've really had it rough!

Becky said...

Caity a toast to you! 2010 - So long its been strange. 2011 - Welcome and please be kind.

I am excited to see what wonderful happy memories 2011 brings.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year.

StuandSom said...

I like your post however I clicked on the link to the g.daddy on enad I BAWLED!!! no thanks!!