Thursday, August 5, 2010

Sandpoint, Idaho (phone pics)

Consider this an overview of our trip. A taste of what's to come. These pictures were taken from our IPhones, and I haven't touched them. No editing, no cropping. Easy, breezy. That's what phone pictures should be I think. I loved being able to quickly get to my camera to take crazy pictures of silly cows on the side of the road, and capture the little things that make road trips so fun.

(Thursday= driving.. lot's of driving.)
(Friday= Silverwood Amusement Park with Tylah and Meghan)
(Saturday= Jet Skiing with Mike.. tons of fun. TONS)
(Sunday= Anniversary day.. pretty mountain resort)
(Sunday Dinner= yummiest food I have had in a long time, and they even put a candle on our dessert.)
(Sunday night= nice dinner at sunset.)
(Monday= long drive home.)


Lindsey said...

Looks like fun! Funny we almost crossed paths in Idaho Falls!

Vacations are the best.

Vip said...

Caitlin, Becky always tells me about your blog and how cool it is. A few weeks ago I started checking it myself. You have some great photos. I didn't want to be some crazy stalker so I haven't commented. I could not keep quiet any longer. This post though is amazing. I love the pics! You do such a great job with whatever camera, subject or lighting that you have. These pics look great and they are from your phone. AMAZING!

MisterE said...

While I don't know if you guys had fun, it sure looks like your camera phone had fun.

Becky said...

The phone pics overview was an awesome idea! I loved this post. You are one super talented woman. Yay for good times and happy anniversaries!