Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Catherine's Pass

So Saturday Eric and I went hiking Catherine's Pass. I was determined to see the wild flowers before they died for the year, and all the photographers from my work told me that last weekend was our last chance.

So even though it turned out not a lot of people could come this week, Eric and I still went. The wildflowers were beautiful, but they were already starting to fade. But the hike itself was gorgeous. It was a great workout, and we even saw moose right next to the trail. Huge, huge moose.

The view of the lake at the top was really pretty too. It was nice to escape to nature with how busy, and hot this Summer has been. The temperature was perfect. Thanks to Eric for being my partner in crime for the day, and letting me stop to catch my breath with what seemed to be every 5 minutes.

Like an idiot I forgot the memory cards to my nice camera, and didn't bring my point and shoot. Luckily I did have my phone, so I just used that. Not a substitute, but at least I had something to capture the hike. (I used the regular camera, the hipsta app, and the hdr pro app for IPhone.)

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