Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My trip was well documented.

Well, we're back from our anniversary trip, and I have plenty of pictures to share. In fact I think I have quite the addiction. I took this picture to illustrate just how bad my addiction is. Not only do I have my point & shoot, my Rebel, and my Holga.. but I may have just acquired a new toy.. I'm taking this picture with my new IPhone. (my anniversary present from Bob) And to be exact I have a couple camera's on it. help. I may be editing pictures for a month! At least I will have plenty to blog about, right?

Well we're back, and you can expect a steady stream of pictures, videos, and blogs. You're gonna get sick of it. No really, this might turn into one of those boring travel logs that happen late at night when you're at some one's house and they pull out the projector and show you every single picture they have ever taken. Feel free to close your eyes and take a nap, or leave the room.. or just run screaming.


Amber said...

I love all your pictures so bring it on! I'm excited to hear about your anniversary trip!

Do you love your phone? What cameras do you use? Seeing as I only take pictures with my phone I should get one of the apps to make them halfway decent!

SWS said...

Looking forward to it!

H&M said...

Thankfully dear, you are much more entertaining than most travel logs I have witnessed (and I've seen some!). Welcome back and I'm glad you had a great trip!!!