Thursday, August 12, 2010

Anniversary Trip (Day Four.. Part One)

So day four was our anniversary. We started the day with breakfast and cupcakes. Followed by a trip to the park and Arboretum. Who would have thought trees, and plants could be so cool?

I told Bob I wanted to renew our vows one day underneath that gorgeous arbor. After our lazy morning, we headed up on a lazy drive to Schweitzer Mountain Resort. If you're from Utah, it was just like Park City, but with a prettier view. We walked around, listened to some live music, and then headed up the ski lift to the top.

Um, the views were magnificent. It was so cool to see all the trees and lake from the very top. It was so nice to not have anything planned, and to just explore. Did I mention the weather there was beautiful? I don't think it was ever warmer than 80 degrees. And since we had just come from 90-100 degree Utah, we were really enjoying it.

It was a fantastic, and very memorable day. Spent with my favorite person. That night we exchanged gifts and ate some seriously yummy food at a really fun restaurant. But more on that tomorrow.


Peggy said...

It looks so beautiful. What a fun trip. Happy Anniversary to you!

SWS said...

Nice pics - looks like a fun time!