Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving in Idaho Falls

Hello, hello. We just got back late last night from our trip to Idaho Falls for the holiday. We ate, (understatement of the century) we spent time with family, (missed everyone who couldn't come) celebrated a birthday, did some festive decorating, and relaxed.

We're sad we had to come back to reality, since it was so nice just chillaxing. But we're happy to be home and playing in the snow. I am currently listening to Christmas music and getting ready for December, which is bound to be busy, busy.

Back tomorrow with pictures from our trip.


Vip said...

We were in Twin Falls for the Holiday. How were the roads over your way? Ours weren't bad but we were still doing 35mph. I'm glad you had a great Thanksgiving.

H&M said...

I've recently decided that your Hollywood self is Julianne Moore. I watched a movie with her somewhat recently and, though she is obviously older, I decided she is, externally, the person in Hollywood that most reminds me of you.

MisterE said...

In that last picture it looks like you guys are trying to put earrings on the camera man or women. My question is did you?

ps: The word verfication is tramp, I am trying not to take it personally!

caitlin said...

@ Justin - The roads weren't too bad surprisingly. There was a little stretch that resembled an ice skating rink, but we just took it slow.

@ Holli - You are the second person in a week that has told me that! I don't see it, but I definitely take it as a compliment!

And Eric - Let's be honest you are a bit of a tramp ;)