Thursday, November 18, 2010

Shelter overhead, and food in my belly..

********** Today I wanted to be thankful for our health, and for the most part I am ever so grateful that Bob and I are healthy and have all of our limbs. But you'll have to excuse us, because for the last two weeks Bob and I have had between the two of us, coughing, sneezing, sniffling, ear infections, bleeding ears (don't ask), headaches, sinus infections, dizziness, and all around crappy sicknesses. So today I'm not going to say I am thankful for our health, because I am a tad disgruntled that we went all year without getting a cold or a flu and then bang, bam, boom, we both got it at the same time.

So instead, we crawled out of our sick cave, and went to the grocery store because we haven't had any real food in our house for weeks. Bringing me to what I'm thankful for today.. **************

Last night Bob and I went grocery shopping. It took waayyy too long. But it's always more fun when we go together. So we can liven it up just a bit by teasing each other about women's razors, cheese bricks, and which desserts we want.

We went home and had a taco night. We cooked dinner together and talked. We then curled up on the couch in our warm apartment, ate, and laughed our guts out at Modern Family. (Do you watch this show? You should.)

Today I'm thankful for the necessities. The food in our fridge, and our comfortable living situation. (And that we can afford medicine so we could take Nyquil and both sleep comfortably.)

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melissa said...

Who doesn't need a good cheese brick now and then? Personally, I am a huge fan of processed cheese. Every year Bonnie and Roy give me a can of Easy Cheese and some Wheat Thins with our Christmas treats. I could squirt that stuff right into my mouth without the wheat thin.