Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Eric and Bob!

Eric and Bob had birthdays last week. This year we decided to throw Eric a surprise birthday dinner. A surprise Guamese birthday dinner. (long story)

We made only traditional dishes from Guam. Which turned out to be kind of a melting pot of food. What was surprising, was that everything was good. Yes, even the spam fried rice.

We also brought an island girl from Guam for Eric to have as his date. (Also a long story.)

We ended his birthday celebration with some plantain birthday cake and the "Happy Birthday" song in Guamese. (Okay, our rendition of it.)

A fun night was had by all. Then later in the week my family celebrated Bob's birthday. And since I think we all know how Bob feels about pictures, I'll keep it short. There was yummy food (I think the third picture proves that.) And my mom made one of her famous themed cakes. A "salmon" cake for Bob the outdoors man.

The first couple weeks of this month have been quite hectic as you can see. Not to mention a bunch of photo shoots thrown into the mix. So this week I am trying to catch up and also trying to get into the Christmas spirit. I started that Sunday by watching "It's a Wonderful Life". No matter how many times I watch that show it makes me cry. I should be back here tomorrow with some Christmasy pictures. Happy (snowy) day!


MisterE said...

On behalf of myself and the people of Guam, I say thank you.

bon bon said...

Oh my gosh I'm so slow! I just saw this post! That was such a fun night. Happy birthday to two of the funniest guys I know! And happy guam day! Thanks for documenting it, Caity!