Friday, December 3, 2010

Pizza, Cleaning, and Conan (but not in that order)

Last night Bob and I cleaned, organized, and decorated. We stayed up late and we're still not quite finished. But to reward our hard work we might have ordered pizza and watched Conan. As hectic as December always tends to be, I love nights like these.

On a side note, let's play I SPY. Can you find the broken mistletoe that didn't make it from last years craziness? How about the plentiful shreds of paper? We finally went through and shredded, do you know how long that takes when you haven't done it for 4 years?? Can you spot the gnome hiding? And for those of us that came to last year's party, you might spot a certain little yellow creature.. it's making a comeback this year.

Happy December 3rd! I'm listening to Elvis sing me Silver Bells.


Vip said...

I love Man Jeggings!

also my word verification is dowear. I think that it is telling me something about the man jeggings.

Becky said...

That sounds like a great night!! Thank you for ISPY (aka my mid day brain teaser). Speeking of word verifications mine is sisin. Si Sin (yes sin!)

Ami said...

I loved the jeggings! I think that should be the theme of your next party:)