Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Thanksgiving this year..

Tom and Celeste were kind enough to host Thanksgiving this year. Not to mention let us stay with them. We had such a great time relaxing, shopping, chatting, and well eating everything in sight. (Okay, that might have just been me.)

Wednesday night after work there was talk of some bad roads, so we almost didn't go. But in the end decided we would probably be okay if we took it slow. The roads were actually really clear until a stretch of road near Pocatello that was pretty icy. In the end we only tacked on an extra half hour to our trip with the weather.

Thursday morning we got up and started prepping all the yummy food. Tom and Bob made two of the best turkeys I think I've ever eaten, and Nita made mashed potatoes I loved so much I could have bathed in them. And Celeste pretty much did everything else. Sometimes I wonder if she's Wonder Woman in disguise.

Dinner was fabulous and filling, just as a Thanksgiving should be.

After dinner we cleaned up, did a little relaxing, and a little chatting while the food digested.
We felt so lucky this holiday to be surrounded with family and loved ones. Bob's grandparents even took the drive out to come to dinner. It's always fun to see them. We also got to visit with Bob's sister Donna, her husband Lance and their darling little Madelaine.

We were sad not everyone could come because of weather, especially Bob's parents and brother, but we felt incredibly blessed and thankful for all we have. Even though the holiday seems to be all about the food, I tried to keep thanks in my heart for all I have. For an amazing husband, family on both sides, for friends, for shelter, for the big things, for the little things, and for all the things in between. I think these pictures sum up just what we should all be grateful for. Our blessings.

Well happy December 1st! Glad it's here, and am a little skerrred about all I have to do, hoping I can do it all in time. But I suppose it wouldn't be the holidays without being busy.

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Thanks for sharing - enjoyed the pics and post.