Thursday, June 3, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend 2010 (Part 1)

This year we decided to go to Zion's National Park for our annual Memorial Day trip. We met up with Eric, Russell, Bon and Jon, had some breakfast, and then headed out on our road trip.

Along the way we stopped in Beaver for some squeaky cheese. (A tradition if you drive south.)

Then we picked up Eric's brother Dan who is going to school in Cedar City (which was on the way) And then headed to our campground. We actually stayed in Sand Hollow, which is about 45 mins away from the park. It had a gorgeous lake, and about a million people on ATV's, which turned out to be an interesting part of our trip.

We set up camp, and then went to the water to play for the rest of the day.

Then we headed back to our site to have a yummy dinner and smores by the fire.

We didn't get the best sleep that night due to a lot of wind, and people on ATV's riding until 3 in the morning. We were all up at around 6 am the next morning cursing and grumpy. But once we made our way to Zion's and the Angel's Landing hike, we quickly perked up and took in all the pretty scenery. More on that next post.


Katy said...

don't put it a way too quickly! We need to go camping!! ASAP!

Bonnie said...

So I'm super behind! Your posts are a perfect glimpse into our fabulous trip. Thanks for documenting it, and for all the laughs! Let's go camping again soon!