Friday, June 4, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend 2010 (Part 2)

Saturday morning we met up with Jeff (Dan's twin brother) in Zion's, to make our gang complete. We all set out on the long hike up Angel's Landing.

I think the last time I hiked Angel's Landing, I must have been in better shape, because holy cow, I didn't remember how steep it was. I guess that's what makes the views so breathtaking.

The only draw back with Zion's during a holiday is that it's so dang busy. On the top part of the hike with the chains, there were so many people that there was a constant bottle neck. And it seems most people missed learning about taking turns in preschool.

It was worth it though. When we reached the top we felt like we accomplished a lot. And the view was spectacular.

(Bob kept trying to give me a heart attack by getting really close to the edge and pretending he was falling.)

It was a hard hike, but was really fun and pretty. Bob had never been before so it was fun to share the experience with him.

Well happy weekend to you all. I am still working on getting my house clean and camping stuff back in storage.


Becky said...

As always amazing pictures. It looks like it was super good times!

Bonnie said...

Thanks so much for hauling your camera up that beast of a mountain so we can all remember the trip so beautifully! You totally rocked at climbing Angels Landing!