Monday, July 19, 2010

Summery Saturday

Our Saturday was chalk full of fun. We hiked, we swam, we ate really yummy food, and we saw one of the best movies I have seen in a long time. Just your typical Summer fun. Here are a couple of snapshots from the pool.. (courtesy of Bob)

Ella thought we were all crazy..

..and judging by this video, I think she might be right. (Leave it to Eric to have a camera handy for this. Hey, at least Bob and I have fun right?)


Mossin' Around said...

That was hilarious Caity! Looks like you all had a fun time. I too saw "Inception" and LOVED IT! Can't wait to see it again.

The VIPs said...


amber said...

I'm the girl you sent the Summer Swap too! Thanks! I'm chewing the gum as we speak.