Thursday, July 8, 2010

4th of July (2010)

Our 4th was spent swimming (and trying to keep the mosquito's away with citronella candles.)

Eating delicious food (including one of my all time favorite desserts, my Grandmommy's famous raspberry cheesecake dessert.)

Watching the little ones enjoy the holiday (and the big ones too.)

And watching plenty of fireworks.

Simple. Fun. Patriotic. What more could you want from the holiday? I am so glad to live in a free country, and love to celebrate it every year. Happy Independence Day!


melissa e said...

Why are your pictures so good? you suck.

Okay, i didn't mean that. just the picture part :)

SWS said...

Wow! What beautiful pics!

Mossin' Around said...

That dessert looked yummalicious! Fun times!!