Thursday, July 29, 2010

Our Roadtrip to Boise (Sunday)

Sunday we were planning on driving back early, but then decided since Bob's truck didn't have air conditioning that we would wait until later in the day. (Especially since Sunday had record highs of 104 degrees.)

So my parents decided to stay back with us, and graciously took us to the movies. We ended up having a movie marathon. The Boise theatre is huge and so nice. So we sat back, munched on popcorn, and watched Salt, Despicable Me, and Knight and Day. (Thanks Mom and Dad!)

Then we headed home, and might have gotten home pretty late, but we had an awesome time. And that was our whirl wind Boise trip.

Next up, our anniversary trip to Sandpoint. Man, I love Summer!

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melissa said...

Do you ever stay home and just do laundry on a weekend?! Oh wait, that comes at 10 years of marriage.