Friday, July 9, 2010

A hiking we will go..

Remember this hike? Well we decided to tackle it again (sans snow) last Saturday. We woke up early so we could beat the heat. It was nice because we had the trail mostly to ourselves. I love hiking early in the morning. It's so serene and quiet, and there were so many pretty things to see along the way.

The falls were really pretty too. (The water was pretty frigid though. I accidentally tripped and in went my foot with the shoe and sock.)

This is Eric and me making a donut in honor of Donut Falls. (Don't ask, it was early.)

I think we're going to skip a hike this weekend, but hopefully next Saturday we get out there for another. Happy weekend!

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MisterE said...

Now I want some donuts! Can't wait til the next hike.