Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Horror Story (may cause nightmares)

Minding my own business..

I make lunch at my apartment..

My spine starts to tingle..

I slowly glance down..

and see it..

the creature..

I let out a gasp..

Scream at the top of my lungs..

Utter some choice words..

Frantically look for a gun, a knife, a bomb..

Grab the closest squashing agent..

Hear the crunch..

Kill the biggest, grossest, multi legged freak bug I have ever seen.


What is it with me and creepy, crawly things? First it's a mouse, then ants, now a giant centipede, that looks like it originated in Madagascar.

When I told Bob all the gruesome details of the story later, he didn't seem to be alarmed that I found a toddler sized bug in our apartment. All he said after was "Wait Caity, was it gross though? Because I'm not quite grasping if you liked the bug or not."

The next time I make lunch at my apartment, I'm donning a HAZMAT suit.

(And yes, I refer to mice as creepy crawly things. I have a problem with any creature you can't put a leash on, and walk around the block.)


vanessa/NessieNoodle said...

It isn't the bug itself so much as the crunch squish when I smash it to pieces!

and yes, mice are creep crawly things. And even though you can put them on a leash squirles, ferrits, skunks and rabbits fill that slot too
(yes, rabbits- have you every been peed on by one and those teeth, ack!)

Bonnie said...

Are you scared of Emus?