Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The ants go marching..

Well at least they did. But not anymore. Nope. They're finally all gone. As some of you know we had a slight ant problem at Casa Selle that was driving me bonkers.

They were every where and it was causing me so much grief that I eventually started having mini breakdowns, where I would scream, yell, and curse at these stupid little black creatures.

I would go into the bathroom and there would be about ten ants mindlessly crawling around in MY bath tub. (not to mention every where else in the house)

At first I tried to reason with them..

"Mr. Ant, if you please, I would like to take a bath and you are in the way. Scoot." (The ant would reply with aimlessly darting around, not listening.)

The next few times I tried to threaten them..

"Listen ants.. either you scram or I take this ant spray and send you to ant heaven." (Ant: more aimless darting to and fro)

Then we put out the ant hotels..

What did they do? Well they crawled all over them, came in and out. Spent the night and checked out the next morning.

A little later I tried intimidation..well really there was just a lot of screaming and cursing. I told them I hated them. (Bob thought this tactic was interesting. "Go for the self esteem Cait, I'm sure they will feel so bad that they just leave.")

The final straw was when I sat down to eat my dinner and a little ant came crawling out of my food. That's when the breakdown happened. I may have screamed at the top of my lungs, I just maybe threw my food in the trash and stomped out of the room. (Bob calls this a tantrum, I call it, letting off steam)

That's when Bob decided it was time to call the landlord and get a pest control person to spray them. When the guy came to spray I'm sure he thought I was a little nuts and slightly sadistic, when I kept asking him questions like so all the ants are going to die right? All of them.. dead? He assured me it should get them all.

Bob kept telling me to remember the movie Honey I Shrunk the Kids, when they are in the backyard and the heroic ant saves them. I looked at Bob and dryly told him that if that ant were living in my bathtub I would have no problem smashing him and laughing while I did it.

So it finally happened. I turned into the villain from every Disney Movie. I can see the movie now, these poor defenseless ants with no where to go. Living in the walls and dressing up in little hats. All the while the evil tyrant yelling at them and putting them down. Just like those little rodents in Cinderella. Oh well. I am willing to play the villain as long as I don't have ants sleeping in my bed anymore.


Anonymous said...

Yeah - happy day!


Drew and Valarie's Family Blog said...

lol oh so funny. Drew and I had an ant problem in our aparmtent in rexburg, but these ants were HUGE!!!!! Like scary huge! I hated them!!!! But I hated killing them cause of the sound... oh gross. I still shudder thinking about it!!! yuck, I am glad you guys won the battle!

Lindsey Lu said...


Lindsey Lu said...

seriously i need help!!!!died is dead in Lindsey...SORRY!!!!

melissa said...

It sounds like the same reasoning I use with my kids on a daily basis. First you ask nicely, then you threaten and beg and pretty soon everyone is screaming. At least the ants don't poop in your bathtub. Kids do that.

Hurray on the extermination. And, from the sounds of it, the extra protein in your dinner.

Bonnie said...

Have you seen the movie "Ant Bully"? You should. Or maybe you shouldn't... it's a great piece of work for only a certain, highly-sophisticated audience of ... 3rd graders. But you made me think of it!

Congrats on the extermination. I feel like we should celebrate!

rYLeE & KaTiE said...

I'm not really a killer except spiders. We had several spider traps and sprayed twice when we lived in Logan. So I feel your pain! Those little critters are just fine- OUTSIDE!