Thursday, February 12, 2009

A new goal..

do you ever get jealous? i mean really green with envy?

i do.

some days i wish i could have half the creativity as her.

wish i could live where they do. (and sample their lifestyle)

wish i was as put together as her.

wish i was funnier, richer and was able to wake up on time.

want to know the honest truth? while these people are fabulous. i don't know the first thing about their hardships, the struggles, the insecurities. and you know they have em'.

i think sometimes in our heads (i know i do this) we wish for the the other side of the fence. we glance through the window and see someone and think if that could just be my life, i would be happier.

well i'm sick of it. i'm great. i'm fun. and dang it, i have a good life. i am trying hard to not compare myself to others, because i fear if i do it too much i may lose some perspective.

this is my new goal. realize and embrace the fact that THIS is my life. to try to make the best of it and have the most fun i can. to stop trying to keep up with those darn jones's. to enjoy my life.

am i alone here? does anyone else ever feel like this?


rYLeE & KaTiE said...

I totally hear you. I always feel like people lead these fabulous lives, but I totally don't even know them.

You have such a great attitude about life! This is a great life-goal!!!

P.S. said...

I'm with ya! I think with blogging it's hard not to think "oooh, I'll take her style, her house, her talent, her vacations..." But people only show their best sides on blogs-naturally, who wants to tell all their deep down insecurities? So it's easy to think everyone else is living it up.
For what it's worth, I think a lot of people probably look at your blog and say I wish I could be as funny/creative/stylie as her. Me being one of them.

she'sonlyhappyinthesun said...

I can totally relate... I love this post.

shan said...

oh my gosh, THANK YOU for posting this! i feel the same way when i look at blogs- i find myself comparing my body, my marriage, my creativity, and my life to all these strangers I don't know! But you're right, I have no idea about their hardships and I need to be greatful for what I have!

So I'm with you! Here's to not being envious! haha

Anonymous said...

You even look pretty - green.:)

You always have a sunny outlook!


Scott and Lindsey said...

I feel like this ALL of the time.

Chunky Peanut Butter & Jelly said...

Welcome to being human. And a woman!

Caity I think the world of you and find you simply beautiful!!

Peggy said...

Good for you! That's an awesome attitude.

H&M said...

YES!!! Right now I just feel like my life will be SO much better once I graduate in May, but really, there will always be those things that demand my time. It will be a different type of busy but the grass is not always greener, maybe just a different texture. :)

melissa said...

i KNOW! But people really only put the good things on their blogs. And they sugar-coat everything until they have the best husband, the smartest kid, and the most beautiful house to show all of the world!

Blogging sucks in that manner. I totally get caught up in it too.

Coleman Family said...

Kudos to you, and I am going to follow your lead, that is a great way to look at things. We definitely need to get together sometime!