Wednesday, February 18, 2009

mr. red fred bodoni..

meet my friend Dallas Graham.. traveler, photographer extraordinaire, graphic designer, and all around fabulous human being.

he has created such an innovative blog.. redfredbodoni

meet red fred bodoni (inspired by the font) he and his jolly troop of font birdies will help put a smile on your face in this gloomy weather.

when Dal first told me about this idea, i flipped. i love it and i think you will too. check it out.


MisterE said...

That is very creative and I totally want some of those shirts. I also enjoyed the pics from Paris, they made be laugh. Good find Caitlit!

P.S. said...

Dal is a creative genius! LOVE this project of his. I will definitely be wearing the red LOVE shirt this spring. Can't wait to see what he comes out with next for Red Fred.