Thursday, November 12, 2009

In {be} tween

Mm, today is just right. The air is cool and crisp enough to wear a long sleeve shirt, but just warm enough to wear shorts or a skirt.

I thought we were in for it when it snowed a couple weeks ago. I thought for sure winter was here to stay. But judging from the last couple of days, I am happy to report, we are nestled right in between Fall and Winter, and I for one am loving it.

This is the perfect time for doing some early Christmas shopping. For taking a run outside in the mornings. (which I should really do more) And for snuggling on down with a good book.

Quick story..

Eric and I used to work with one of those really nerdy, really know-it-all personalities. He would say really odd things, and throw out the occasional insulting remark to the rest of us.

One day I was trying to be extra nice to him and asked what he was doing that weekend. In his typical nasal-ee, snooty voice, he said, "Oh I think I will just snuggle on down with a good novel and sip some hot cocoa."

The room fell silent. And I just couldn't help but ask. "Um, did you just say you were going to snuggle on down?" After another minute of silence the whole room erupted in laughter. I think even he realized how ridiculous it had sounded.

So in honor of this chap, who will remain nameless. Let's all go home this evening and snuggle on down and enjoy this lovely in between-ness. (that's not a word is it)


Peggy said...

I think I'll do just that!

vanessa/NessieNoodle said...

I could totally snuggle on down right now. (and if I had a snuggy, well, it would be even more snuggle riffic)
There is snow in the mountains and it is raining here in the valley.. bring ti winter I am ready

ps thanks for stopping by for the giveaway :)

jane said...

sounds good to me.

mydailyretreat said...

i am ready to snuggle on down this weekend :)