Friday, October 1, 2010

My October To Do List

Yes, I was a blog slacker for the month of September. But now that it's October, I am feeling the excitement of the upcoming holidays and Fall weather. So excited in fact that I have composed a little list of what exactly I would like to accomplish this month..

01. Buy some mini pumpkins and turn them into cute little candle holders. (That Martha sure is one smart cookie.)

02. Open the windows, let that Fall breeze in, and do some Halloween decorating.

03. Watch a spooky movie.. not scary, just spooky. I'm not a fan of scary. I'm thinking something like Invasion or Identity.. just something to put me in the Halloween spirit.

04. Four words.. dinner in a pumpkin. (Ever since Bonnie introduced me to this yummy tradition five years ago, I have been wanting to make it.)

05. Carve and decorate me some pumpkins.

06. Sleep with my windows open, and go for walks outside at night when the weather is crisp.

07. Dig out my favorite clothing. Scarves, jackets, hats. I'm excited!

08. Listen to Monster Mash and Dead Mans party.

09. Drive with my windows down. There's something about not having to be air conditioned that I love.

10. Take a drive up the canyons to snap some Fall leaves pictures. (I can cross this one off my list. Aubrie and I decided to head up a couple days ago since the word on the street is that the colors won't be there for long. But more on that on Monday.

Happy October 1st everyone!


MisterE said...

You are doing better then me. The only to do list I have is on my Tivo.

Lindsey said...

What's this dinner in a pumpkin thing? It sounds fun!

P.S. said...

I want in on the dinner in a pumpkin thing!!! I've always wanted to try it.