Friday, October 29, 2010

October 2010

October was full of Fall-ish fun. Drives up the canyons, walks outside, cool breezes. Lot's of photographing. We went on a road trip up to the cabin. Did some hiking. Did a lot of working out and eating healthier. I even lost a bit of weight.

Months like these make me sad that winter is right around the corner. Hello November, I hope you bring lot's of yummy food, and maybe not a ton of snow.


The VIPs said...

oh- spooky photos!

Lindsey said...

September made me a little bitter. I wanted my August back, but I was so wrong. Now I want my September and October back. Winter can stay far, far away.

I hope your Halloween party was awesome. I was thinking of you when I was out trick or treating in the rain :)