Tuesday, October 5, 2010

THE DOG (and the neighbor)

If you have followed this blog for a while it will come as no surprise that we have another interesting neighbor situation. If you haven't followed click here,here, and here to get a glimpse into our past of crazies.

Well it seems the other night our neighbor (and when I say neighbor, I mean our apartment complex is next to a house that this neighbor lives in.) decided to bring home a dog.

We haven't figured out yet if it's staying or if the guy has guests and they brought the dog. Either way, let me tell you the dog is in danger of a water ballooning. It was introduced to this guys very small backyard last week around 1 in the morning.

I laid in bed and listened to them slamming, shuffling, and hammering. (I think they must have been building a dog house or something else equally absurd to be doing at 1 a.m.) then the dog came.

It trotted around the backyard all night. Getting familiar with its surroundings. All the while, the collar clinking. Which doesn't sound so bad, but it is. It's always clinking. There is a non stop clink, clink, clink at all hours of the day and night. Not to mention the whining, barking, and other noises that I kid you not, sound just like Chewbacca.

Sure it's annoying. But could be ignored, unfortunately that's not all. Something new has developed. The old man comes out doors first thing in the morning (while I am still sleeping) and in his best, very loud "dog/baby voice" says things like "Are you a good dog?" "Are you?" or "Come here, come here, let me pet you," "Don't you want to get pets and loves?" "Come here." Or Bob's favorite conversation between the man and man's best friend..

Dog: Bark!
Man: No!
Dog: Bark!
Man: No!
Dog: BARK!
Man: NO!

This goes on for what I am sure is minutes, but seems like days. Which is fun for us because we not only have to hear the dog barking, but the man as well.

Lately Bob and I have been plotting ways to put a stop to all the noise. Contemplating crowbars, and setting the wild creature free. (the dog, not the man.) Instead Bob informed me this morning of what he finally did to fix the problem. (And I wish I had it on videotape.)

Bob said the man came out and started into his usual dog talking. The man said "Are you a good dog?" Well the window was open in our apartment building, so Bob decided to answer in his best high pitched puppy voice... "Yep."

He said the man stopped for a second, couldn't figure out where the voice had come from, looked around for a second, looked a little embarrassed, turned around and walked back into the house. Bob said he was laughing so hard he could hardly breath. And I have to say when he told me about it this morning I had a good chuckle too. I know it sounds a little harsh, but he needs to realize he is talking so loudly and so early in the morning that he is disturbing the entire apartment complex.

Bob said he actually saw another dog in his yard as well. One with a cone around its neck. I assume he doesn't bark due to the embarrassment of the lampshade on his head. Now if only we could procure another cone, and figure out a way to sneak over there while the creature is sleeping and slip it on his head. (the man, not the dog.)


Becky said...

Caity thank Bob for the laugh. I needed it. In fact I am at my desk smiling right now trying not to giggle out loud. Awesome

H&M said...

I think I just figured out your Christmas present for this year.... :) Good luck until then!

Vip said...

Bob sounds like a lot of fun. The other night we had the a similar situation with a thumping coming through our wall. At midnight I finally went over and asked the guy to turn his music down. He told me that he was trying out his sound system. AT MIDNIGHT? Geez, where do these people come from?