Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Halloween Nostalgia

(That's me on the left with the cheeks.)

Last night I was at my parents house working out. Afterwards my brothers kids paraded around in their Halloween costumes. They were darling as a leopard, Cleopatra, and even Frankie's kid? Whatever that is. It got me thinking about when I was younger and so excited to dress up.

My mom always found or made me the best costumes. One year she made me a Rainbow Brite costume that was the envy of all the kids my age. (I wish I had a picture.)

This year I'm not sure if I will dress up, maybe just paint my face. There's just something about Halloween that seems to be for kids. As an adult it's fun, but never as memorable as when I was a kid running from house to house collecting candy, and parading around at school in my costume.

This year I am rededicating myself to Halloween. I'm determined to make it fun and memorable. I've already made finger cookies and delivered them to unsuspecting people. But more on that later. I love this time of year. It's the perfect weather outside, and a dollop of excitement in the air.

I'm just sad that before we know it, it will be Thanksgiving, Christmas, and then the New Year. Time sure has sped up since I've been an adult. And next year I will be 28. 28? When did that happen? Shouldn't I be finished with school, have kids, and driving them to soccer by now? Oh to go back to the "Rainbow Brite dress up days". Well back to work, and being an adult.


H&M said...

There's nothing wrong with being 27 still dressing up and trick-or-treating. You just have to go to the right houses, like in-laws or something so they don't throw you out because you are a childless adult trying to be a kid...I might be speaking from experience.

likeschocolate said...

Before you know it you will be 39 like me. It goes by way to fast. Enjoy each moment.

The VIPs said...

ha! that's exactly how I feel about my age: "wait, what? 28? twenty eight??"

MisterE said...

I blame you for the excitement I am now feeling for Halloween, well you and the Pandora Halloween Party mix station...also your fault. Live it up!