Thursday, September 30, 2010

September 2010

Wow, September came and went before I even knew it. I have been doing a pretty poor job of posting on this lil' blog. I am rededicating myself. This is my only form of journaling, and September wasn't the best documented of months.

September was chalk full. The month started out with trips here and there, and a fun end of Summer party. It continued on, but my blogging didn't. So I sit here scratching my head. Seriously, where did September go??

This month brought us interesting weather. And a pretty harvest moon. It also officially brought Fall our way. Though I haven't felt too much Fall, it's still 80 degrees out there. Perhaps October will bring us that nip in the air that I love so much this time of year. Hello October, bring on the holidays, the lovely weather, and the pumpkin carving fun. Goodbye September, it really didn't feel like you stayed long.

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