Friday, January 22, 2010

La de dah

Do you ever hear a song that makes you stop and it seems like the gate in your head comes down and the memories come pouring in? Like whenever I hear "I Only Have Eyes For You" I think of Bob. That's our song, it's the song we danced to at our wedding. Or when I hear "Hands Down" by Dashboard, I instantly think about how that was the first song Bob ever sang for me. Or with "Waiting on an Angel" by Ben Harper, I always think of my first boyfriend.

It's weird, I will be sitting in the car and a song will come on, and I will suddenly be thinking of an ex-boyfriend, and be totally confused as to why, until I realize what I am humming along to on the radio.

My friend Holli and I used to sing a song from Moulin Rouge whenever we would get in the car together. Or when I hear the sweater song, my mind jolts me into remembering when I was sixteen years old sitting in my cousin's room hearing it for the first time, and then after, being in love with Rivers Cuomo, and The Weeze.

Or when I would deliver batteries with my dad we would sing at the top of our lungs "Sixteen Tons". Or going camping with my brother and wearing out the Beastie Boys CD.

Songs are a powerful thing. I still can't listen to Sarah Mclachlan's song "Stupid". It brings back bad memories.

This got me thinking if I could have one song that when people heard it, they thought of me. What would it be? I decided my criteria would be that I would want it to be fun, a classic, and it would make people happy. So I decided on "My Girl" by The Temptations. It was the song my dad and I danced to at my wedding, and I cannot hear it without being filled with glee. It's also my go to song on the jukebox.

So what would your song be?


Rob said...
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MisterE said...

I would say that my song would be "All At Sea" by Jamie Cullum. It just seems to fit me. The song that always cheers me up, brace yourself its cheesy, is "Downtown" by Petula Clark. I can be in the worst mood and this song will always make me smile. Good post, now I have lots of music to explore, thanks!

Bonnie said...

I think "heart of life" by John Mayer describes my outlook on life. It helps me keep perspective when things get tough. I agree with you about "Stupid"... It got me through an angry phase, but now I can't listen to it! Another song I think is "me" is "Cheer Up Sleepy Jean" because my dad used to sing it to me and put crazy words in for me. I love when he does that!

Bonnie said...

Oh, and as a sidenote, a sing that makes me think of you is "Taylor" by hottie Jack. And the killers song "Spaceman" because of how freakin rad that concert was!